Saturday, October 2, 2010

Where oh where could my baby be?

Dear Phone,

It's me Jim!
How are you?
I gotta tell you Phone, you have me pretty worried. I mean, I haven't seen you in a while and usually we're inseparable.
I've been tearing up my new apartment looking for you. Are you here? See there's lots of boxes here filled with "our" stuff that used to be "my" or "her" stuff.
I've checked under the bed. I looked inside Recliner and I don't think she enjoyed the search all that much. She did know where Hair Tie and Nail File were... That's cool but I really wanted to see you.
I looked under Bed and in between her sheets. You weren't there...
I laid on the floor in the middle of this semi empty apartment to get a different perspective and I couldn't find you.
I have this weird feeling you might be sitting in the car. Lonely. Cold. Listening to the rain drops kiss the windshield...
Let me re-trace our day:

I saw you this morning. I remember you vibrating letting me know it was time to wake up even though you're only supposed to do that during the week and today is Saturday.

I then brought you along to the mall... Who doesn't love the mall???!!! The girl and I were looking for some stuff for the new apartment. We bought a modem and wireless router so we finally have the internet in this place... That's a good thing.
But I'm getting side tracked......

We then went to check out some couches... I know you didn't take a seat in one of those because a) They were all ugly as shit so we didn't even think about getting one of them and b) I had you by my side when we went to get lunch.

I remember checking what time it was with you when I was on my way home because the girl was a bit worried about the time and getting to work.

I set up the modem and internet router and that's the last time I saw you.
I miss you.
I hopefully will you see you in the car tomorrow when it's a bit lighter and more opportune to search beneath the seats in there.

For now I'm going to sit back and sip some beers. All sad-like mourning you like an ex-lover I can't get over.

Wish you were here,


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