Monday, October 18, 2010

Notes from the Cubicle Volume 2: Rebellion vs. The Alarm Clock

I actually work at work these days. It's unreal. and not very fun.

There's board members here for a visit today. They're in from the UK and everyone is making a big deal about it.
I've been here for going on 3 years and I have never met a board member.
I don't even know what they do, who they are, what they look like, why I have to clean my desk to impress them and more importantly why I do not get to wear jeans to work today like I usually do.

I'm going to quote Aesop Rock here:
We the American working population hate the fact that 8 hours a day is wasted on chasing a dream of someone that isn't us and we may not hate our jobs but we hate jobs in general that don't have to do with fighting our own causes.

That's just in light of the faceless "board members" that benefit from my hard work and come to visit every 3rd year.


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