Monday, September 20, 2010

That much further west

Holy shit, blog.
I'm typing words into here and clearing my head less and less lately.
It's wearing on me.

I am currently at work and in a state of anxiety that has reached a fever pitch.

Here's why:
Today is Monday. Per the usual it is busy as hell at work. I've had McDonalds breakfast and will not eat again until dinner due to the simple fact that the phone is ringing off the hook and I am lucky to not have to piss into a bucket under my desk.

My girlfriend and I have signed the lease for our new apartment and are going to be moving in this Saturday beginning at 10am.
I have packed nothing for this move.

Tomorrow at 7:00am I will be catching a plane and heading to Las Vegas, NV. I have yet to pack for my trip. I need to give myself a haircut (#2 all the way around) and trim my disgusting beard that is overtaking my face/neck in a very unattractive, hobo-like fashion.
We return from LV on Friday at midnight. Surely a little jet lagged and a lotta hungover.

Now, I am in no way dreading the moving in with the girl. That'd be the wrong impression. She is amazing and I can't wait to share an apartment with her (I am hoping/assuming that she will be walking around naked all the time cleaning and serving me food) but it's the actual move that worries me. I have nothing packed. I have no time left at this point to properly package the things that need to be boxed up for this move.

I realize this is all my fault and a disgusting display of procrastination that I have no one to blame for but myself. This just heightens the anxiety as I sit in judgement of myself and my disgusting immaturity shown by not properly preparing for a vacation/move.

Oh well, I shalln't complain about vacationing to Vegas and then moving in with a beautiful girl anymore...

I'm outta here! Gon' go git fucked up and then cab it to Midway at 4am ignoring any/all responsibilities/tasks that need to be completed.

Oh and I think you all should read Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom."
Don't judge it harshly because Oprah selected it for her book club. It really is good.

Peace out.
Wish me luck, if I win some $$$ I'll buy you something pretty!

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