Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Domestication Part 1: The dishwasher diaries

Hey there.
I'm at work all fat and lazy after the holiday weekend.

Big things are happening here folks.
I'm moving in with the girlfriend. We both knew it would be happening as the amount we're paying between us is absurd and she practically lives at my place now. We looked at a place over the weekend and she fell in love with it immediately. It is nice. It's a condo that we would be renting from the owner. It's nice. The neighborhood is nice and it's about a mile from the house I grew up in. So I'm keeping it local.

So it's been busy busy busy.

Is it nerve wracking a bit? Yes!
Everyone has their ideas about how this can spell the end of a relationship, right?

I think it'll be okay. I mean, I'm the best room mate ever.
We work opposite schedules a vast majority of the time.
We practically live together now and have been practicing for a while.

That may look like I'm getting nervous about this whole thing and am trying to convince myself. Not true. Nope. Don't you worry about me folks.
I will, however, keep y'all update in this spot and also vent my thoughts frustrations about the whole debacle right here. Edge of your seat shit, I know.

Stay tuned, bitches.

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