Friday, August 20, 2010

We're out of touch and the space between us spells it out.

Holy shit!
Remember when I had a blog and I used to type words on it? That was awesome...
You see now I have this job that requires me to pretty much be on the phone for 8 hours and when I'm not on the phone I have some shitty little task to be completing. Ugh.

I have to be quick here because I have a company picnic to go to in half an hour. I love company outings. I don't know what it is really. I mean it's not like I really like tossing a water balloon at Howard from accounting while we're both half in the bag all that much... or playing flag football with the entire Human Resources department... or even joining the 3 legged race with the hot new receptionist... but there is something about everyone being themselves amongst each other when usually all these people are constantly kissing so much ass they have shit in their mouth...

It's fun to see just how wacked these fucking people really are. I'm probably the worst, eh?

I gotta go roast weenies, get shitfaced and tell some manager that I'd fuck his wife.


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