Monday, August 23, 2010

Thinking with the lights on

It's Monday.
I'm exhausted and don't want to be here at work... Shocking, I know.

The weekend was good though. The batteries got recharged in Wisconsin. Camping... Not really roughing it but at a campground with a nice trailer with running water and a toilet. I did still, however, get devoured by mosquitoes. I also saw a wild cat kill and eat a snake. So wilderness was observed but in a very convenient atmosphere.

The work picnic was awesome. Again, it's not too much to get excited about but there's something to be said for everyone loosening up the tie and getting at some beers and bbq. It was my friend Ang's bday also. After the picnic we all gathered at a local suburban establishment to drink beers and generally discuss past lives. It was wonderful. Ang is a great girl and was a bit bummed, I think, about turning the big 3-0 so to see her just living it up and not really giving a crap, at least for that portion of the night, was great.

I woke up this morning when my girl crawled outta bed at 7:30am or thereabout. She had her first day of school. You see she had previously obtained a bachelors degree for interior design. She tends bar. She is now feeling like this degree is kind of useless to her. So gen eds are going to be completed now and she's going to study medical diagnostic sonography. Don't know what that is? That's the study of rubbing gel on people and looking at organs, little people and the like inside of them. Ultrasound tech is what most people throw out there... Anyway, she was in kind of a hustling, bustling mood and seemed a bit stressed. First days of school can do that to you though right?

I'm getting sidetracked....
I was woken from a dream. An interesting dream that left me quite disturbed in a way and then sort of relieved. See it was a dream that was kind of haunting. I was witnessing what I thought to be a severely disgusting case of incestuous rape that turned out to be a less disgusting case of rape that was not so incestuous. Where did I find the relief? Well, in the little girl who was NOT getting raped. Crazy. Haunting. I remember it quite vividly though. I'm thinking this might be a jumping off point for another fad of writing a lot for a couple of days before kind of giving up because what is being written is kind of hot garbage. We shall see. I'm going to go where the words take me.

That was cheesy, I know.
Listen I'm just psyched to find a bit of inspiration. This is currently coming from both my sub conscious and in seeing my girlfriend undertake something that is a bit of a new start that may seem daunting as hell but is exciting to the same extent. Oh, I'm also inspired by David Mitchell. I'm currently reading "The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet" and am absolutely in awe of his writing. If you read one book this year make it this one!

Good times all around right now. Despite my exhaustion I am in a good mood.
See you dicks and vaginas later. Possibly tomorrow? It is Punk Rock Tuesday at Risque Cafe!

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