Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where did Laika go?

I just recently finished "The Tin Drum" by Gunter Grass and I've got to tell you that book is crazy. A real journey of a novel. When you take into consideration that the dude was 30 years old when he completed the novel it will make you take stock of what the fuck you have done in your life, that's for sure. The novel is translated from German and it's pretty good. It's very rhythmic and has a musicality to the writing that makes it not the easiest-blow-through type read. It's good though.

I'm now starting on Haruki Murakami's "Sputnik Sweetheart" which 20 pages into I can already tell will be a quick read that has me turning page after page. The novel is actually just what I need to read right now. One of the main characters is a young woman named Sumire who is a struggling novelist. Nice. After reading a masterpiece written by a guy not much older than myself I do need to read about someone who's in the shit of it trying to write a novel. Fitting for a guy like me, eh?

In other news I'm really psyched that tomorrow is Friday.
I'm excited about the White Sox and their streak of good baseball.
As I sit here my cubicle mate is involving me in a game of "would/wouldn't" much to my dismay. I don't enjoy these games and really after about 3-4 girls it's just a bunch of pigs we are rating. It's awkward and he's not really stopping...
Gotta go!

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