Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Watch the Fireworks

Hey there blog. God damn! It reeks like sulfur in here!

So have you got all your fingers still attached? Good. I am currently trying to get a Jolly Rancher unstuck from my teeth and wondering why I enjoy these things so much when I know that I'm going to have a battle with the candy. See it sticks to my teeth in sharp shards that guarantee to cut my tongue and, in some extreme cases, leave it bloody.
Admittedly this is probably my fault. Why can't I just suck on the thing until it dissolves like everyone else does. I can only imagine everyone else does because these things would not be as popular as they are, right?

The weekend+day off recap:
I was camping in Wisconsin and enjoyed myself quite a bit.

First off, I wasn't exactly roughing it. My girlfriend's parents have a trailer that is really nice. You can do your business (poo and pee) in the bathroom inside it. I decided to hit the trees as is traditional for men to do when camping... I'm not sure why but let's not get off track. It has a kitchen with working sink and oven and even a shower in the bathroom. So it's really nice. This is good because I have roughed it before but am in favor of avoiding wiping my ass in the middle of the woods during a thunder storm after I just had a wicked case of the beer shits at 3:00am.

The girls parents have been at this campground, where their trailer is located, for some time. They therefore know many of these people very well. They've all seen my girlfriend grow and mature into the sweet and attractive woman she is today.
Well, sweet and attractive means the boys will have something evil in mind, naturally. Right? On this weekend I was the evil boy. Most of the men and women who were drilling/teasing/interrogating me were good natured and even funny about it really. Jokes at my expense are expected and I can roll with the punches. I mean, after all, my girlfriend and I have been seeing each other for a year now so any threat can be easily squashed by myself by saying, "If I can survive a year with her I've got to be a good guy, right?"
"A little crazy too." Someone will throw out inciting a laugh from all near the campfire.

Well, there's bound to be someone who will take it too far.
There was.

Travis would be proud of this guy and his amazing perseverance. It seemed when almost all people got tired of the "...hurt her and I'll kill you" routine. It also went above and beyond. The "2nd father" title was thrown out there. He had her sit on his lap in my presence and then began slow dancing (to country music.. NATURALLY) with her. There was a hug type embrace that was lasting a bit too long to every one's discomfort that brought me out of my chair and over to where they were to catch myself a predator.
In the interest of full disclosure I must advise that drinks had been consumed... I mean A LOT. I don't know if there was a sober person on that camp ground. My girlfriend and I had both been taking pulls of liquor straight out of the bottle. Not good.
Regardless it was creepy and annoying.

That's pretty much it.
I bonded with her dad because the girlfriend was sleeping in the trailer until 9pm on the following day as she had a case of the vomits.
I was referred to as his son-in-law at multiple points during the weekend... Kinda weird but eh, whatever.

This is really scatter-brained today, innit? Sorry. It's Tuesday after a 3 day weekend...
Maybe tomorrow....

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