Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fast food particles stick to the veins.

Howdy. I'm a bit hung over today. Busch Light out of the can at Risque Cafe on punk rock Tuesday hosted by Brendan Kelly will do that to you. I had a great time there though. I enjoyed the music. Enjoyed the $1 tacos. Enjoyed spending time with my girlfriend outside of her bar. I also got some news from Beex that he is playing a solo set at Riot Fest. BK told me that he is "opening the show only to so I can be there."
He said the headliner, who is not announced yet, will blow some minds. What I gathered is it is NOT a Chicago band but is a band that NEVER plays Chicago. Beex joked that with two children and a wife who is the "bread winner" if you will he has to actually be working to enjoy a show. Heh. Regardless I can now vouch for the awesomeness that is the weekly punk rock Tuesday at Risque. Good times.

In other news work sucks and I'm super busy. So my escape from the tedious nonsense is going to be abbreviated.

I'm going to a concert on Friday with the girl to see Brad Paisley and Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish. Not my choice... Not my genre... Regardless I can't complain and have to keep the concert attendance relationship even... See if I don't go to a (in my opinion) stinker every now and then I will have no one to go to see the bands I want to see. Give/take is very crucial here.

I also am going to see this dude at his first stand up appearance in Chicago ever. He's also going to be filming it for his next HBO special. Wonderful!!! Can not be more excited.

That is all. Gotta go.
I'm getting ready to run to Taco Bell to soak up some of the Busch Light from last night. Ugh.

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