Friday, July 2, 2010

And everyone in his life would mistake it as love.

Good afternoon!
It's Friday and a beautiful one at that. This day is dragging. As per the usual I was at Revolution Brewing last night and had plenty of the devil's sauce leaving me with a nice headache and sensitive stomach. No worries though, I had some White Castle breakfast sandwiches today. Golden.

I am going to craft a fictitious character to reflect general behavior in people that annoy me. Like a Frankenstein of shit that really burns my ass. We'll call him Trevor. He is fictitious, don't forget.

Drum roll...
I present Encounters with Trevor Vol. 1:

Not too long ago I got involved in a discussion with Trevor. Trevor is this guy, even though he is nice enough and means well, I can't stand sometimes. Every conversation with this kid turns out to be a dick measuring type of contest. The easiest, most annoying thing about him is that he talks and talks and talks all while kind of just casually dismissing your points that you make with a "Hmmmmmmm but..." and presents an argument as to why that can not be right without really considering your statement. In talking to him it seems like he just kind of crafts his own drama because if there's none of that in his life then he's bored. He also freely talks about all of this drama because he seems to think this impresses people.

Trevor, last night, was distraught because of his girlfriend breaking up with him and the kid was a wreck. He was telling me that it came out of nowhere.

She suddenly had an epiphany of sorts. Seems he was no longer needed in her life. She explained to him that things just weren't the same.

He explained to me that he is the best boyfriend ever. He makes all his plans according to hers. He is always there for her. He makes sure that he gets as much as his limited time from work will allow. He adores her. She is happy too. He knows it. He doesn't understand why shewould want to do this right now. He is so deeply in love with her that he, frankly does not know what he would do without her. For the time being he's getting drunk.

I told Trevor the answer is right there in his girlfriend's attitude and what she is telling him. Things aren't the same. He's not the same guy that she started dating. He's changed. For the better, he thinks but it's not. She's been cheated. She signed up for the dude that she started dating. She signed up for the guy that had a life of his own and she was not pressured to be the centerpiece of that life. That's a lot of stress man.

I explained to Trevor that he needs to get out there. Go to a bar with friends (he doesn't have too many because naturally he gave them the boot for the girl) and have a couple drinks. Give her the space that she's asking for. There's bound to be some bit of shell shock to her when she drops off this guy's radar, amirite?

He has to revert back to the guy she started dating. Give her some space. Let her miss ya some, Trev. When she's alone and thinking about it there should be a second epiphany: He bugs the shit outta me but this mess they call life is a bit more bearable with him around. If she doesn't come to that realization well then the realtionship is fucked and she's saved Trev some time stringing him along so he can start spiraling into the depression that comes with him being dumped.

Trevor didn't comprehend this and I don't even really know how he proceeded with this woman who does not sound like much of a catch herself. Last I heard though Trevor was back with her.

Good for you Trevor. Hope you kids are happy.

All you non-fictional characters out there enjoy your 4th.
Don't lose a digit or something, okay. If you're having bottle rocket fights make sure to employ a no head shot rule. Just better for everyone!

Me? I'm gonna be in Wisconsin camping with the girlfriend and her parents. It'll be great!

Be safe!

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