Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lift her, pull her

Work sucks.
My good friend (really only one of maybe 2 people here that I'd actually consider a "friend" and not just a "co-worker") got the axe yesterday. She knew it was coming and wasn't too upset so that's a silver lining. She also had sent out a bunch of applications this weekend and has an interview today having something more to do with what she would like to make her life's work.
So it's good for her but I can't help but be a little upset.

The lack of people that I can stand to have a conversation with is dwindling and plummeting really quick.
I have my friend Ang who cracks my shit up and is probably one of my favorite people in life, not just work. So, there's still her. Also, there this new youngster that seems to have taken a liking to me. Some say it's a crush but whatever. She's nice enough and beside the age gap between the two of us the idea of being engaged in conversation with her does not terrify me, so that's good enough.

Speaking of the workplace I've been notified I will undergo a bit of a transfer. From the back end handling claims and closing them out to the front end. I'll now be taking calls for people reporting the claims. This is (I'm told [it kinda makes sense]) is a move up because I now effect more of the company's bottom line. More claims being handled = more money being charged to the company we are handling them for. Yay! I'll see none of this money so it will continue to be the same grind and same practice of killing the day by surfing the internet.

On the not related to work front I am going to be getting my laptop computer back. It will be less a BUNCH of music I had on there as a new hard drive had to be installed. Bummer. Oh well. I now can get back to writing in the way I feel most comfortable. Not actually writing but typing my thoughts out. I think it's the blinking cursor that urges me to scour the vast emptiness between my ears for some thought/feeling/emotion/problem/solution to move a story along. So that's good.

In my attempt to feed my brain to make sure it's output remains a one of a certain caliber. I'm shooting for something above hot garbage. Anyway I've finished "Remains of the Day" by Ishiguro and have now started on Thomas Pynchon's "The Crying of Lot 49" and it's really sucking me in too. The way Pynchon crafts this whole world filled with supremely original characters is just mind blowing to me. I have read the book before but am giving it another go because I think previously I just read it because it was all the rage. Some Lifter Puller loving indie chick I think recommended it. So the reading may have got me laid but I didn't understand and just used it as a tool to discuss after everyone got high and before I got into her pants.

I'm kinda taking my time with and even consulting a reader's guide or two to patch up anything holes or questions I have while reading. It's great. Highly recommend it.

Anyway, I gotta go to lunch now.
Now that I mentioned them you should probably listen to Lifter Puller. I celebrate their entire catalog.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I got hit in the head by a firecracker this weekend... But enough about the BBQ

How are you all?
This is news nowadays, I guess... As funny as it is I would never think that a news article would have the "journalist" trolling 4chan for research. Heh.

How was your weekend? Good.
Mine was interesting. My girlfriend and I went to the Museum of Science and Industry and that was cool. Kinda got a bit boring at times but for the most part it was enjoyable. We then went to see Brad Paisley in concert. I noticed in the gathering crowds quite a few confederate flags and the such. Hey, ignorant hillbillies will be ignorant, right? Nothing you can do about that... What did make me laugh was what happened after this...

Darius Rucker (former lead singer of famous alterna-pop band Hootie and the Blowfish) who has recapitulated himself in to a country singer of sorts takes the stage to a frenzy of applause and devil horns. I then notice that Darius is wearing a Run DMC t-shirt. Do we see the irony here of these idiotic hillbillies being lead in song by a black country artist wearing a Run DMC t-shirt? Oh man! I loved it.
He then covered a Hank Williams Jr song, "Family Tradition."
He also played three Hootie songs - "Let Her Cry" "I Only Wanna Be With You" and "Hold My Hand" so I was familiar with some of the stuff...

I gotta go. A Monday back after a Friday off is crazy busy!
In closing I must say that I'm nervous about the movie adaption of "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro. It's going to be out in October of 2010, I think... It's starring Kiera Knightley and another Academy Award nominated chick... It looks pretty lame. I suggest you all read the book before every one's telling you how amazing the movie is.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hostels & Brothels

Well well well.
It's my Friday. No work tomorrow. Going to the Museum of Science and Industry and then to that show I mentioned yesterday. I just got out of the bathroom out of the office and it smelled like burnt hair in there. What the fuck?

In news Mel Gibson if is fucking crazy, right?

Amy Winehouse is talking about her new album. Wouldn't it be something if she reclaimed her spot she abandoned when she decided to start doing heroin. That'd be something - don't call it a comeback.

I'm really at a loss here. I'm surfing news and the world's going down a fucking that's for damn sure. I mean the fact that this Mel Gibson thing is making such a splash shows how bad things are. I realize that I sound like an old decrepit shit head when I talk about how the state of today's entertainment is some kinda dirty voyeurism but man, I can't help but feel that way.

In other news my computer's broken and it's driving me mad. Heh. Honestly it's just because my writing has really suffered. I would think that actually having the pen to the paper and scribbling away ideas would be good for me. A type of exercise in the craft of writing... Ya know, actually writing. Nope. I think it's because since high school I really haven't, on a steady basis, actually taken pen to paper. I work behind at a desk behind a computer screen typing words out like the robot I am. To escape that I open a little browser window in the bottom corner of my screen to type these words here. I think something snaps in the process of moving my head with a pen in it to communicate thoughts/feelings/ideas/emotions. Oh well.

I was talking to a girl I work with today who's 21. Made me feel like a real geezer. Do people still say that? I mean this girl was telling me about getting hammered after work. I mentioned it's my Friday so I'll be really getting at it and wished I had someone to hit the bars with me (the girlfriend is working til close) and she was discussing how she has to drink at home because all her friends are not 21. Could you fucking imagine? Jesus.
Again, I'm sounding like a crotchety old fart.

I'm currently reading "The Remains of the Day" by Kazuo Ishiguro and I think I'm going to find a way to sneak a couple pages in while at my desk.
I gotta keep feeding this brain of mine if I want it to have any substantial output. The story I'm currently trying to craft is a coming of age tale (which Remains really isn't) so I'm looking for good coming of age fiction to kinda get the gears turning.
Feel free to advise of your favorite coming of age tale that isn't Catcher in the Rye to help me out.
Be good out there and enjoy your weekend. I'll be shotgunning Bud Lights at a BBQ with The Ghost. Haven't seen that kid in ages so I'm sure it'll be a real love fest.
I have to assume also that maybe connecting with the person that I came of age with might be good to kind of inspire me to rattle off a couple pages at a pace quicker than I am right now.


Enjoy the weekend.
Later fools!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fast food particles stick to the veins.

Howdy. I'm a bit hung over today. Busch Light out of the can at Risque Cafe on punk rock Tuesday hosted by Brendan Kelly will do that to you. I had a great time there though. I enjoyed the music. Enjoyed the $1 tacos. Enjoyed spending time with my girlfriend outside of her bar. I also got some news from Beex that he is playing a solo set at Riot Fest. BK told me that he is "opening the show only to so I can be there."
He said the headliner, who is not announced yet, will blow some minds. What I gathered is it is NOT a Chicago band but is a band that NEVER plays Chicago. Beex joked that with two children and a wife who is the "bread winner" if you will he has to actually be working to enjoy a show. Heh. Regardless I can now vouch for the awesomeness that is the weekly punk rock Tuesday at Risque. Good times.

In other news work sucks and I'm super busy. So my escape from the tedious nonsense is going to be abbreviated.

I'm going to a concert on Friday with the girl to see Brad Paisley and Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish. Not my choice... Not my genre... Regardless I can't complain and have to keep the concert attendance relationship even... See if I don't go to a (in my opinion) stinker every now and then I will have no one to go to see the bands I want to see. Give/take is very crucial here.

I also am going to see this dude at his first stand up appearance in Chicago ever. He's also going to be filming it for his next HBO special. Wonderful!!! Can not be more excited.

That is all. Gotta go.
I'm getting ready to run to Taco Bell to soak up some of the Busch Light from last night. Ugh.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Billy, listen to me. White men can't jump.

At work.
The worst hour of the week. The hour before it's quitting time.
I really have none of my own work to do but I have a bunch of shit that I'm helping other people with. There's good and bad about this.

Good - When I get yelled at it's not my fault.
Bad - I get yelled at for other peoples mistakes.

So, I realize a ton of people could care less about sports but it's a huge deal so let's discuss.

Lebron James is going to the Miami Heat with D Wade and Chris Bosh. Wow. That's quite the threesome there.

Wow. That's intense. They're being called "The Legion of Doom."
King James has really just become a HUGE villain in a lot of sports fans' eyes (not those in FL of course). Everyone is hating James and there's talk about how this is collusion and these guys have been planning this since they played in Beijing together, et al...
I think, honestly, the ugliest part of this whole thing is that these 3 guys all signed the contracts they just fulfilled to do this. It's like they were ganging up on the league and plotting this the whole time. That's kinda dirty to me. Not to mention that they all made a huge spectacle about where they were going to go. If they knew this was going to happen save everyone the god damned time and sign with the same team. Fuck. Now these over paid douchebags are stealing the attention my White Sox (winners of their last 5 and the best record in the MLB for the last month) should be getting on Chicago sports talk radio. Whatever. Here's my reasons to hate and not hate Lebron James.

Hate him because:

He took himself out of his "home." All the basketball he's played up until now has been in OH. HE started calling himself "the King" and he is now turning his back on them. All his "witnesses" are deserted and left stunned and with a pretty huge case of blue balls since he hasn't won them dick.

He just recently, in an interview, referenced the "big guy upstairs" in an interview asking him about the people he's disappointed. Woah woah woah, LBJ. I've seen you all over the place since you made a HUGE splash (deservedly) in this league. I've never once (and this confirmed by a Cleveland reporter who's job it is to interview and report on Lebron) heard him talk of his spirituality or love for the big guy upstairs. But now? Now you got some splainin' to do and you're pointing upstairs? I'm not a religious guy myself. This would disgust me if I was. It disgusts me even though I'm not. Don't be a pussy and hide behind the dude that brings everyone presents (same guy, right?) now that the heat (Heh, see what I did there?) is on.

The spectacle he made of himself is just unbelievable. His camp funded the interview. They paid Jim Grey his travel and service expenses to get to Greenwich, CT and perform the softest interview ever. Jim Grey was a god damn puppet for Lebron so that he didn't have to stand up there on his own and stumble through some bullshit that he knew was going to piss everyone off. Ya know what, hate Jim Grey too.

He's a bad man. I mean definition of a man. You think alpha male that is up to the challenge. Wants to be able to prove to everyone and himself that no one can stop him. James decided to throw in the towel. He decided to say, "Fuck it. I can't do it with this team. I am not going to go try and be the man. I am going to take a step back and share the spot with two other guys because I can't handle this on my own." What a bitch!

Now... Reasons not to hate him:

He's a kid. He's 25 years old. I realize that ignorance is not a defense but he came into the NBA directly out of high school. He's had a city on his shoulders. I mean Cleveland is considered a cursed city when it comes to sports. He never had a chance to live any semblance of a normal life. He now gets to go down to Miami Beach and live it up like the celebrity he is. He no longer has to party at the biker bar in Akron, OH.

He wants to play with his friends. These guys were at the Beijing Olympics together. They are three of the more recognizable names in basketball. They are definitely going to be forced to reckon with. I realize that the collusion aspect makes them all look like smug assholes saying "Fuck you NBA. Try to stop us. I dare you." but can you blame them? Think of your best friend working in the same industry you do. Now imagine you two are the best and you're working for competing companies. Now imagine a something happened where you can work at the same company with him. OH! And throw another good friend in the mix just for fun.

He wants a championship. Sure he'll never be mentioned with the Magic's or the Jordan's or even the Kobe's of NBA history but he wants to experience what it's like to be on top. It probably will happen for him. I realize there's only one ball and it will take some practice to balance these 3 super stars and their different talents. Nothing wrong with wanting to be the best at something. Sure he has to sure it with a bunch of other people but hey... Share a string of championships with 2 other big names or never taste one... See what I'm getting at?

Okay. Sports talk over.

In the office here today -
We had a quiz on the policies and practices we are supposed to be abiding by. Dangerous innit? We can expose how dumb some of these people here are... Also (management I'm looking at you here) we can expose how dumb the people that are supposed to be leading and teaching these people are... Uh-oh.

I realized just how much I hate it when people replace "s" with "z" on the end of words.

That is all.
End communique.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where did Laika go?

I just recently finished "The Tin Drum" by Gunter Grass and I've got to tell you that book is crazy. A real journey of a novel. When you take into consideration that the dude was 30 years old when he completed the novel it will make you take stock of what the fuck you have done in your life, that's for sure. The novel is translated from German and it's pretty good. It's very rhythmic and has a musicality to the writing that makes it not the easiest-blow-through type read. It's good though.

I'm now starting on Haruki Murakami's "Sputnik Sweetheart" which 20 pages into I can already tell will be a quick read that has me turning page after page. The novel is actually just what I need to read right now. One of the main characters is a young woman named Sumire who is a struggling novelist. Nice. After reading a masterpiece written by a guy not much older than myself I do need to read about someone who's in the shit of it trying to write a novel. Fitting for a guy like me, eh?

In other news I'm really psyched that tomorrow is Friday.
I'm excited about the White Sox and their streak of good baseball.
As I sit here my cubicle mate is involving me in a game of "would/wouldn't" much to my dismay. I don't enjoy these games and really after about 3-4 girls it's just a bunch of pigs we are rating. It's awkward and he's not really stopping...
Gotta go!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Watch the Fireworks

Hey there blog. God damn! It reeks like sulfur in here!

So have you got all your fingers still attached? Good. I am currently trying to get a Jolly Rancher unstuck from my teeth and wondering why I enjoy these things so much when I know that I'm going to have a battle with the candy. See it sticks to my teeth in sharp shards that guarantee to cut my tongue and, in some extreme cases, leave it bloody.
Admittedly this is probably my fault. Why can't I just suck on the thing until it dissolves like everyone else does. I can only imagine everyone else does because these things would not be as popular as they are, right?

The weekend+day off recap:
I was camping in Wisconsin and enjoyed myself quite a bit.

First off, I wasn't exactly roughing it. My girlfriend's parents have a trailer that is really nice. You can do your business (poo and pee) in the bathroom inside it. I decided to hit the trees as is traditional for men to do when camping... I'm not sure why but let's not get off track. It has a kitchen with working sink and oven and even a shower in the bathroom. So it's really nice. This is good because I have roughed it before but am in favor of avoiding wiping my ass in the middle of the woods during a thunder storm after I just had a wicked case of the beer shits at 3:00am.

The girls parents have been at this campground, where their trailer is located, for some time. They therefore know many of these people very well. They've all seen my girlfriend grow and mature into the sweet and attractive woman she is today.
Well, sweet and attractive means the boys will have something evil in mind, naturally. Right? On this weekend I was the evil boy. Most of the men and women who were drilling/teasing/interrogating me were good natured and even funny about it really. Jokes at my expense are expected and I can roll with the punches. I mean, after all, my girlfriend and I have been seeing each other for a year now so any threat can be easily squashed by myself by saying, "If I can survive a year with her I've got to be a good guy, right?"
"A little crazy too." Someone will throw out inciting a laugh from all near the campfire.

Well, there's bound to be someone who will take it too far.
There was.

Travis would be proud of this guy and his amazing perseverance. It seemed when almost all people got tired of the "...hurt her and I'll kill you" routine. It also went above and beyond. The "2nd father" title was thrown out there. He had her sit on his lap in my presence and then began slow dancing (to country music.. NATURALLY) with her. There was a hug type embrace that was lasting a bit too long to every one's discomfort that brought me out of my chair and over to where they were to catch myself a predator.
In the interest of full disclosure I must advise that drinks had been consumed... I mean A LOT. I don't know if there was a sober person on that camp ground. My girlfriend and I had both been taking pulls of liquor straight out of the bottle. Not good.
Regardless it was creepy and annoying.

That's pretty much it.
I bonded with her dad because the girlfriend was sleeping in the trailer until 9pm on the following day as she had a case of the vomits.
I was referred to as his son-in-law at multiple points during the weekend... Kinda weird but eh, whatever.

This is really scatter-brained today, innit? Sorry. It's Tuesday after a 3 day weekend...
Maybe tomorrow....

Friday, July 2, 2010

And everyone in his life would mistake it as love.

Good afternoon!
It's Friday and a beautiful one at that. This day is dragging. As per the usual I was at Revolution Brewing last night and had plenty of the devil's sauce leaving me with a nice headache and sensitive stomach. No worries though, I had some White Castle breakfast sandwiches today. Golden.

I am going to craft a fictitious character to reflect general behavior in people that annoy me. Like a Frankenstein of shit that really burns my ass. We'll call him Trevor. He is fictitious, don't forget.

Drum roll...
I present Encounters with Trevor Vol. 1:

Not too long ago I got involved in a discussion with Trevor. Trevor is this guy, even though he is nice enough and means well, I can't stand sometimes. Every conversation with this kid turns out to be a dick measuring type of contest. The easiest, most annoying thing about him is that he talks and talks and talks all while kind of just casually dismissing your points that you make with a "Hmmmmmmm but..." and presents an argument as to why that can not be right without really considering your statement. In talking to him it seems like he just kind of crafts his own drama because if there's none of that in his life then he's bored. He also freely talks about all of this drama because he seems to think this impresses people.

Trevor, last night, was distraught because of his girlfriend breaking up with him and the kid was a wreck. He was telling me that it came out of nowhere.

She suddenly had an epiphany of sorts. Seems he was no longer needed in her life. She explained to him that things just weren't the same.

He explained to me that he is the best boyfriend ever. He makes all his plans according to hers. He is always there for her. He makes sure that he gets as much as his limited time from work will allow. He adores her. She is happy too. He knows it. He doesn't understand why shewould want to do this right now. He is so deeply in love with her that he, frankly does not know what he would do without her. For the time being he's getting drunk.

I told Trevor the answer is right there in his girlfriend's attitude and what she is telling him. Things aren't the same. He's not the same guy that she started dating. He's changed. For the better, he thinks but it's not. She's been cheated. She signed up for the dude that she started dating. She signed up for the guy that had a life of his own and she was not pressured to be the centerpiece of that life. That's a lot of stress man.

I explained to Trevor that he needs to get out there. Go to a bar with friends (he doesn't have too many because naturally he gave them the boot for the girl) and have a couple drinks. Give her the space that she's asking for. There's bound to be some bit of shell shock to her when she drops off this guy's radar, amirite?

He has to revert back to the guy she started dating. Give her some space. Let her miss ya some, Trev. When she's alone and thinking about it there should be a second epiphany: He bugs the shit outta me but this mess they call life is a bit more bearable with him around. If she doesn't come to that realization well then the realtionship is fucked and she's saved Trev some time stringing him along so he can start spiraling into the depression that comes with him being dumped.

Trevor didn't comprehend this and I don't even really know how he proceeded with this woman who does not sound like much of a catch herself. Last I heard though Trevor was back with her.

Good for you Trevor. Hope you kids are happy.

All you non-fictional characters out there enjoy your 4th.
Don't lose a digit or something, okay. If you're having bottle rocket fights make sure to employ a no head shot rule. Just better for everyone!

Me? I'm gonna be in Wisconsin camping with the girlfriend and her parents. It'll be great!

Be safe!