Monday, June 21, 2010

You've been struck by a smooth criminal.

Another Monday.
Work is craaaaaazy. The phone's are blowing up and it seems the cool thing to do is just let them ring off the hook. The good thing about all of this is it's making my day really fly by.

I watched Michael Jackson's "This Is It" last night. Amazing. I honestly wish I could dance like Michael Jackson. All of it. Short black pants, white socks, black loafers, glove and monkey. Okay, Bubbles never really played a part in the dancing but I bet it's bad ass to own a monkey.
Other than "This Is It" the weekend was pretty phenomenal. Had a bit of a beach day on Saturday. The room mate and I had a cooler that was filled with a full case of Corona (I realize it's shit beer but I don't care. We were sitting on the beach in the sun and them fuckers was ice cold. Delicious!) and a twelve pack of Bud Light.

Yesterday was Father's Day. It was pretty chill. I just went over to the parent's place and provided my greeting card and fifty Best Buy dollars to dad as a bit of thanks for putting up with one hell of an asshole for 24 years. He seemed psyched. He, as dad's are prone to do, could not accept his gift without giving something back. He extended a bit of fashion advice (he thought my shorts looked like "old man shorts") and a book shelf that is going to be put to great use in my apartment.

Main reason I bring up Father's Day is because of the writing I'm doing. I've started a story. I haven't really got too deep into it just yet. I have decided though that it is going to explore the relationship between a father and his son. I don't really know anything concrete at all at this point, just general ideas. I don't know if this subject matter kinda crept into my head subliminally with all the Father's Day sales in the stores/commercials/ads/etc.
I think it's going to be a coming of age type story that has a father/son relationship at the heart of it. I've literally wrote one paragraph and have maybe a chapter kind of outlined in my head. We'll see how it goes.
Hot garbage? Maybe.
Do you have a story that you're currently writing? Then go fuck yourself.

In the ongoing plug of my girlfriends workplace I am pleased to announce that Revolution Brewing (who's site for some reason is now blocked by the internet police at my work) is now serving brunch on the weekend. For anyone who has drank a bit too much on Friday and/or Saturday you should sneak in there for a delicious bloody mary and something to soak up that hangover. Still drunk from the night before? Catch a cab! Please don't get a DUI. Ladies performing their Saturday morning walk of shame - head in to Rev.
There was a soft open about 3 weeks ago and I sampled the Biscuits with gravy and prosciutto. Amazing!

I'm probably going to go there tonight for a beer or two.
Go there. Tip the bartender with the nose ring well.

P.S. I've learned over the weekend that I am 15 puzzle master.