Friday, June 25, 2010

What the hell is a jiggawatt?

Well, I'm a bit embarrassed.
Due to a bit of a clerical error here at the Dusty Floors offices I celebrated a little bit prematurely. What happened, exactly, is that I had a post that I had started but never published. That counted in my lists of posts even though it was only a draft. So.... This here. Right now. This post is the 100th. Wooooohoooooooooo!!!!
Awesome. The plans for a spin off remain intact.

I am currently sitting at my desk and am busy as a beaver per the usual. It's Friday so I'm pretty stoked to get out of here. I'm in a pretty good mood, honestly. My room mate and I put together a patio furniture set last night and then proceeded to drink Corona (again: shitty, I know but my taste buds find it to be a good warm weather beer) on the deck until 2:00am. That usually screams hangover but I felt pretty good this morning.
I am currently listening to the White Sox absolutely smash the Cubs. Which is awesome.
Someone at this office did something that kinda pissed me off though.
Here's what happened.

So I was talking about the Sox and how they are killing the Cubs (they jumped out to a real early lead) and was kinda giving this guy here, who is a known Cubs fan, a bit of a hard time about the failure to excel at the game they get paid millions upon millions of dollars to play. He then tells me "I'm converted" and starts to explain to me how the Cubs suck and he is hoping that the Sox win...
Wait. Let's back it up here.
I clearly remember this clown giving me shit last year when the Cubs were beating the Sox. I mean, we've had e-mail chains that lasted days/weeks about the crosstown rivalry. Now, though that the Cubs are bad and the Sox are riding a 9 game winning streak you give me this "Go Sox" thing and tell me your team, that you previously defended and bragged about to no end, sucks so you don't care anymore?

That's bullshit.
I understand if someone is going to turn their back on something that they previously defended or was a fan of for reason of change.
Example - I am now giving up on the Cubs until they put a good product out on the baseball diamond or I am turning my back on 7-11 hot dogs until they don't make me shit liquid down the side of my leg or I am no longer going down on Susie until she smells like something other than the fish monger after an 8 hour day.
This guy, however, is not doing that. He is not that clever. Plus he told me about last nights game so I know he's still tuning in.

Also, it's never cool to be a fair weather fan and or bandwagon jumper in any situation.
It's a cheap cop out that make you look like a sniveling little dickhead. It's a quick escape for someone who can't stand up for themselves.
If you like something that sucks and someone gives you shit about it stand up for yourself. Tell them to get fucked.
If I was this guy I would stand up against me. I'd tell me "You know what, you're right, they do suck. I just remember the first game my pop ever took me to. I had some peanuts, a hot dog and an Old Style or two. Shit like that sticks with you when and yeah they suck. Yeah you're team's beating my team right now. Guess what you can go fuck yourself until you're the one swinging the bat or throwing the cutter that strikes someone out."
I realize that argument is lame and would make anyone sound like a bigger pussy than they would come across for abandoning ship but it's just an example of the principle.

A lot of people have their opinions of sports, politics, religion and pubic hairstyle formed by friends/family/Georgina the hobo that panhandles at the Addison exit of the Kennedy at a young age. For some silly reason, especially when talking about sports, it means something pretty important to us. So don't be a little bitch and sell all that out so easily.
Have a little pride, some conviction and goddamnit stand up for yourself!

It's Friday I gotta finish my shit here to get home and have some deck beers.
I'm going to tease my room mate about this Cubs game and guess what... I guarantee he'll take it down like a champ because he's not a pussy.
Peace out bitches.
Go Sox and more so GO WEEKEND!!!
Love all y'all.

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