Thursday, April 15, 2010

The ratio of people to cake...

Hey blog.
Man, it's late. I'm beat.
I've been super busy at work and it's unreal.
I'm not going to complain about work... Nope... I am, however, going to try and figure the solution to a bit of a conundrum.
See, I am a pretty nice guy in general. Outgoing and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.
I can often be heard saying "he/she means well" when people get to shit talking about other people at work... I feel like for the most part people do mean well. No one does shit that is annoying specifically to annoy someone, right? They are just trying to fit in or get some attention. The latter of which I will not defend someone for. When Patricia comes up to me and starts annoying me with nonsense about how Emily is banging Gary she doesn't KNOW that she's being annoying. No. She thinks she's fitting and possibly doing me a favor by passing her knowledge (read: assumptions) in to the latest "who's blowing loads on who's back in the executive conference room" game at work.

This is annoying but again she doesn't know it.
What do I do? Oh, I sit there and probably work through her storytelling occasionally glancing over, giving a nod or possibly even maybe a laugh. So Patricia starts coming to me more often with more "info." Then Cynthia comes by and decides to start telling me how she saw Patricia talking to me and while, Patricia is nice, she's a total bitch. Cynthia now starts telling me how she heard from Rob that Patricia said that her ass looked fat today. Then after Cynthia leaves Antonio comes over and asks if I'm close with Cynthia because her ass looks good today and I should put in the good word for him so he can stuff that. Finally my manager comes over and says something along the lines of "I see all you fuckers talking all day long. Hope you have enough time to actually finish your work."

You know who doesn't have to deal with this? The loner. This guy is a fucking mongoloid. Not literally but in the office social chain sense. You can come to him with some gossip and maybe he says something like, "Unless this is about the TPS reports I don't have time for a conversation." Maybe he just picks up the phone and ignores the person.
Maybe he smells like shit and is all greasy and looks like he showers once every other week. No one bothers that guy with the social goings on of the workplace.

Alright, so the dirty, greasy guy might be a bit over the top just to get people to quit bugging me but I envy that guy sometimes. Who I really envy is the I-don't-give-a-fuck-about-your-gossip-I'm-putting-in-my-eight-hours-and-leaving guy. I myself am a typical social being that himself needs some attention. Also, I am programmed to feel bad if I'm stuck in the corner eating my bag lunch all by myself while all these people are suddenly gossiping about me.
I want a bit of attention from the new, hot girl. Am I going to be banging her up against a urinal after work is over? No. I'm just programmed to want to be accepted and liked. Sometimes it angers me.
Whatever. I think I'm not going to shower tomorrow and stop wearing deodorant to see if I can start phasing out the annoying people.

In the real world I made sushi for the first time yesterday. It was just okay but it seems like one of those things that you get better at the more you try it.
I'm on my 7th Bud Light and that sniveling, nerdy, prick face Alton Brown is on my TV on the Food Network. Out of all the Food Network "stars" he's my least favorite. Stop trying to educate me. He doesn't even show his boobs
Gotta go. I've got to sleep to prepare for the grind that will be tomorrow.

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