Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is probably the best blog ever...

Hey blog.
I was driving to work today and saw probably the best ad ever.
It was on the back of a truck that was delivering Carlsberg beer. It read simply: "Probably the best beer in the world." I've never drank Carlsberg but I want to now! Their website says it is "probably the best website in the world." This is hilarious to me. I wish I could market myself in this way. Could you imagine what I would have printed on a Jim delivery truck? Hmmm let's see... Probably disease free. Probably the tallest Asian in the world. Probably the biggest dick you've ever seen in your life. Probably WILL call you back in the morning. I just thought that was absolutely hilarious/ridiculous/awesome and generally a brilliant way to sell anything let alone beer.
After that sighting I had a real shit drive to work this morning on the highway. I think it was because the Illinois Department of Transportation thought they were being funny. They had two of those trucks that park during construction. Ya know, the ones that have the lit up arrows on them... Well, there were driving in the lanes parallel to each other and the arrows were flashing at each other. It was a real sight that I think confused the shit out of everybody in to doing 30mph until O'Hare... Ugh.

In other news Chile got hit with quite the doozy of an earthquake. 8.8 on the earthquake weighing scale. Is that not right... Uhhhhhhhhh. I'm told that's intense. I believe it, too. I mean that fucker shifted the Earth's axis about 3 inches. Oh! Yeah! Then it shortened our days by 1.26 millisecond. What am I going to do with my extra time?
Honestly, I'm not trying to make light of this horrific catastrophe by any means. I am just really focusing on what relates directly to me here.

Ugh. That's all for today, I think. There's more news out there but it's depressing, man. I gotta tell you these crazy people that love to talk eye for an eye might have my agreement when it comes to shit like this. Absolutely incredible how this happens a second time...

Let's end on a light note though, shall we.
Dancing with the Stars new season cast has been revealed.
I watch. I'm not going to lie. In my defense there are some smoking hot women on this show. The pro dancers are delicious as are some of the contestants they get on some times. The notable contestants this season are Buzz Aldrin, Chad Ochocinco, Pam Anderson, Kate Gosselin, some Bachelor dude, Erin Andrews and some others.
That will be interesting. Again the pro dancers are hot. I'm interested to see Pam Anderson go at it. Back in my day she was really the bee's knees as far as hot chicks go. She will surely have a *AHEM* bounce to her steps... Hey-o!!!
Erin Andrews is kind of a buther face but that woman reports sports and is semi-attractive. That's enough to make her a 10 in my book.
I've seen this Kate Gosselin chick look good at times but honestly she's had a lot of children. I would imagine her vag is like a revolving door. I guess it's good thing it's not Stripping with the Stars, eh?
It'll be fun, I'm sure...

I know I said I'd end this on a light note but I just remember that I read this earlier... No home delivery of mail on Saturday? What!? The end is nigh, blog. I'm telling you. The signs are there.

Good luck,

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