Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The puck drops here.

Hey, blog!
I'm Mr. Happy Guy today.
My girlfriend is amazing. I know I always type about how I don't really cover it here because it's lame, cheesy, boring, et al. This in turn makes it like I really am always talking about how amazing she is. Whatever. Listen, she bought me Final Fantasy XIII ( Which I think I may have mistyped here as Final Fantasy XIV yesterday, [can't be bothered to check {or correct it for that matter}]) I was right! She really puts up with a lot of nerdiness from me and now she is contributing to it... Wow.

Anyway, I ripped that bad boy open and played about 40 minutes of it this morning before work. It's amazing. I know, I know my bias for the series really leaves me totally objective while talking about any Final Fantasy game. Seriously though, if nothing else it is absolutely stunning. Just gorgeous. Pretty fun to from what I've cracked in to so far.

Other news. The girl and I had an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet at a place we had not tried before near her house called Hiro's Cafe. It's BYOB and the buffet is only $17.95. I know one should always be weary of a sushi buffet, period. One that is south of $20.00 could be real sketchy... Honestly though, it was amazing...

List time.
I can't find the menu online so this is generally what the roll was like
Rolls consumed by Jim and his girlfriend at the buffet last night:

Miso Soup (realize it isn't a roll but we did have it as an app)
Tako Sushi (Octopus)
Maguro Sushi (Tuna)
Fried Bagel Roll (cream cheese, smoked salmon and then the whole thing is deep fried)
Calamari Roll (tempura baby squid)
Bikini Roll (Avocado & whitefish oustide / Siracha, salmon inside)
Hot & Bothered Roll (Tuna, spicy mayo, siracha, jalapenos, a bunch of spicy shit)
Mexico Roll (Avocado, tuna, cilantro, cucumber)

There may have been more I honestly can't remember...
Regardless we dominated that stuff. I had a bit more than the woman but that's to be expected.
Lots of food. Honestly though I'm buying a scale. I need to see how much I weigh and then be encouraged to drop some of the extra weight I'm carrying around lately.

For tonight the girl and I are going to Rock Bottom. Gonna visit some of her old friends/co-workers and get some dinner and drinks.
Blackhawks play at 7:30pm. I'm psyched.
Tomorrow I'm really going to start diving in to Final Fantasy XIII. See the girl works until close. So between the time my room mate hits the hay and the girl needs me to pick her up I'll be navigating through the fictional world of Cocoon.

God, I'm a loser.

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