Monday, March 1, 2010

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Hello blog. How was your weekend? Phenomenal!
Me, oh just fine. I'm still broke. I've really been making a habit of escaping my currently shitty situation by playing video games. It's cool. It fills the gaps between hanging out with my girlfriend and working. Well, now it seems that first generation PlayStation 3 systems are infected with a Y2K type bug. Fuckin Y2K you guys remember that scare? That was hilarious. A system that can calculate an algorithm for the rubik's cube in .0000005 of a second flips it's shit when it has to count up to 2000.
Well, the PlayStation 3 apparently encountered a leap year problem. You see the thing switched back to January 1, 2000 and this seems to make the machine want to commit suicide. What a joke, right? I mean Blu-Ray processors and all but the thing can't account for a leap year every four years. Listen, I'm not that much of a nerd that this is a serious complaint I just find it funny and it helps fill space here... It's serious though. People are posting videos on youtube showing how to open your PlayStation 3 (thus voiding your warranty) and disconnecting the internal battery so that when you restart it the machine asks you to input the date. Crisis averted. Sony says you just have to wait 24 hours and in the meantime the thing won't play games that use this "trophy" feature of PS3. I'm going to take my chances and just play old games, I guess...

Enough nerdy shit, right? Okay. This weekend was pretty cool.
I had an upset stomach that plagued me really all weekend. No idea what that was about. I'm convinced it was the Ska we were drinking. Honestly though, it's worth the stomach because that shit is good. I would suggest the Modus Hoperandi or True Blonde.

I was looking forward to seeing Endo as you may recall. That didn't happen.
See, it turns out that his wife is pregnant and puking in the morning as pregnant women tend to do. I had no idea that his wife was pregnant and the idea of him being a father is hilarious and also frightening to me.
He once told me that he married he knew he was going to marry his wife (who was present for this reminiscing) from the get go. He told me that he remembers waking up with her in his bed after a black out night of drinking. He took her number and told her that he likes that she didn't let him sleep with her and generally was not taking his nonsense. He then told her he would be calling her. BAM! There it is marriage was just the next curve in that road.
Gotta love that.

I was at Revolution Brewing last night after my girlfriend completed her serving shift for the evening. They were all out of the Gold Ale that I love so much. I had to switch it up... I was nervous. Sweating. Twitching. Decided, on the girls recommendation, to have the Iron Fist Pale Ale. Wow. It was good. I'm not switching up my usual or anything, when it's back I'll have the Gold thank you very much. But it's good to know that they do it up right with ALL their beer there and not just the one that I'm used to sampling.

The internet is telling me that I am okay to turn my PS3 back on without worries of it blowing up and/or reanimation Transformer style and attacking my room mate and myself then burning down the apartment. So that's cool. I'll be on the couch drinking Bud Light, eating Girl Scout cookies and just basically sucking at human existence.


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