Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ahhh! This is mental.
I've been so fucking swamped at work.
Today the management team decided to fuck off at about 5:30pm so naturally everyone is dicking around while I actually answer the phones. Fuck me. I don't know why I still take this bullshit seriously but I suppose it just unnatural for me to be a lazy dickwad.

Not much to write about here. I'm busy at work and barely have time to squeeze this in before I get a couple more things done and then leave for the day at 7pm.

I made dinner with the chick last night. She made the fajitas and I made the shrimp ceviche. Delicious all around. We really did a killer job, if I may say so myself. She is working tonight at Rev and everyone knows that Thursday is the new Friday. So get your ass over there and buy a beer from her. Tip her well, too. I'm broke as fuck!

Ugh. This weekend is going to be great. Well, the weekend I don't know about. Tomorrow is going to be awesome, for sure. I'm hanging out with my girl and quite a diverse crowd. I love every one of them and could not be more excited.
What doesn't excite me about tomorrow is the fact that I have to get in to work at 8am. Means waking up at, probably, 6:30am. Ugh. But I musn't complain, right? I mean, I am getting overtime.

I gotta go.
Go buy some beers/but refrain from hitting on my girlfriend tonight.
Oh! In closing Jane Jihad is a crazy bitch!
P.S. watch my favorite dude on this show.

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