Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The puck drops here.

Hey, blog!
I'm Mr. Happy Guy today.
My girlfriend is amazing. I know I always type about how I don't really cover it here because it's lame, cheesy, boring, et al. This in turn makes it like I really am always talking about how amazing she is. Whatever. Listen, she bought me Final Fantasy XIII ( Which I think I may have mistyped here as Final Fantasy XIV yesterday, [can't be bothered to check {or correct it for that matter}]) I was right! She really puts up with a lot of nerdiness from me and now she is contributing to it... Wow.

Anyway, I ripped that bad boy open and played about 40 minutes of it this morning before work. It's amazing. I know, I know my bias for the series really leaves me totally objective while talking about any Final Fantasy game. Seriously though, if nothing else it is absolutely stunning. Just gorgeous. Pretty fun to from what I've cracked in to so far.

Other news. The girl and I had an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet at a place we had not tried before near her house called Hiro's Cafe. It's BYOB and the buffet is only $17.95. I know one should always be weary of a sushi buffet, period. One that is south of $20.00 could be real sketchy... Honestly though, it was amazing...

List time.
I can't find the menu online so this is generally what the roll was like
Rolls consumed by Jim and his girlfriend at the buffet last night:

Miso Soup (realize it isn't a roll but we did have it as an app)
Tako Sushi (Octopus)
Maguro Sushi (Tuna)
Fried Bagel Roll (cream cheese, smoked salmon and then the whole thing is deep fried)
Calamari Roll (tempura baby squid)
Bikini Roll (Avocado & whitefish oustide / Siracha, salmon inside)
Hot & Bothered Roll (Tuna, spicy mayo, siracha, jalapenos, a bunch of spicy shit)
Mexico Roll (Avocado, tuna, cilantro, cucumber)

There may have been more I honestly can't remember...
Regardless we dominated that stuff. I had a bit more than the woman but that's to be expected.
Lots of food. Honestly though I'm buying a scale. I need to see how much I weigh and then be encouraged to drop some of the extra weight I'm carrying around lately.

For tonight the girl and I are going to Rock Bottom. Gonna visit some of her old friends/co-workers and get some dinner and drinks.
Blackhawks play at 7:30pm. I'm psyched.
Tomorrow I'm really going to start diving in to Final Fantasy XIII. See the girl works until close. So between the time my room mate hits the hay and the girl needs me to pick her up I'll be navigating through the fictional world of Cocoon.

God, I'm a loser.

Monday, March 22, 2010

P.S. I love you.

Wow. That weekend when by really quick.
Too quick.
I did get myself a bit hammered and that tends to blend night in to early morning in to 2:00pm when I finally crawl out of my casket.

I had some great food and a bunch of drinks this weekend. Work, as per usual lately, has me barely squeezing this thing in here. I don't like it.
I realized today, upon arriving at work, that I forgot my mother's birthday. It was March 10th. Oops. I feel like a real dickhole and called her immediately. She laughed it off. I feel like a dick. Ugh. My brother's birthday is March 25th and you can be sure that I won't forget that one.

Tonight the girl and I are going to eat some delicious Japanese food and pop a bottle or two. See, we want to save some cash so we're going the BYOB route. Funny, right? We don't just not go out to eat. We go somewhere where we can bring drinks to. I laughed.
She had the day off and has apparently bought me a gift... Could be a number of things...
List time? Nah. Can't be bothered. Honestly, the only thing I can think it would be that I've been talking about lately would be Final Fantasy XIV for PS3... I don't think that's it though. I am inclined to think that she saw something that I would like or find funny and she picked it up for me. We'll see.

The worst thing is when the sun is shining in through the office windows. While I am surrounded by cubicle walls. Fuck me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's thursday, I'm watching the walls instead.

Hey there, blog. How are you? Great. That's awesome.
Work has been kicking my ass, as per usual. They had me training today. I am going to assume I will continue to do so until this relatively clueless sponge has soaked up all the information my brain can jizz at him. Seems like a nice enough guy. However, I do find him wanting to chat more so than learn about this job... Can I blame him for that, though? No. I certainly can not.
Look, I gotta make this fast... I figured I would at least put in writing the reason that I am not writing.

I'm going to make dinner tonight. Fire Roasted Tomato, Spinach and Shrimp linguine... Hope it's good...
We should talk again soon!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gillette. It really is the best a man can get.

Holy moses, blog. I'm a wreck.
I called in to work yesterday. I was drunk beside my mind on both Friday and Sunday.

I drunkenly shaved my face Sunday night. Wow. This is yielding all types of responses from "super cute" all the way to people just laughing in my face. Spur of the moment type thing which looking back upon, might have been a bad idea. The girl is a bit disappointed. Well, not disappointed but it's a change. Something to get used to, right? I mean she brought this up to me yesterday. She had only seen me with a clean shave in pictures. I mean in the time we've been dating I've always had some sort of facial hair. Regardless, there's an adjustment period there right?

Speaking of the girl she brought up something last night, albeit while she was drunk, about the way we look at things differently. I mean, she's a planner. While she changes her mind and plans frequently, she is a planner. She's probably got about the next 5 years of her life mapped out. Paths and street names change on that map all the time but it's there and at worst it is a reference point of where she wants to be in life in general.
What's different is the way I look at life. She knows me well enough to know that I am not so much the planner type. Last night she referred to it as having a "high school type outlook on life." I can only imagine that she would have used a different phrasing if not drunk and so bold. You know, you get drunk do a little shooting from the hip and say things as they pop in to your head filter-free.
I understand her point. I believe I do, maybe, lack a vision of the future. I am kind of an in-the-moment type cat. I can't be bothered worrying about tomorrow because it's possible that I won't even be breathing tomorrow. Also, it may be something that is in the back of my head that is whispering "Hey, dickhole. Pssst up here. Why are you setting up these goals that you aren't going to meet. How about you worry about getting through today and not have live with the impending doom of failing at what you have been envisioning for a year?" You know a kind of if I don't plan, I can't fail attitude. Shitty, right? Well not for me. That's just how I and my brain operate. There's also the way of looking at my point of view as really living. This may just be a convenient way of me justifying my fear of committing to something in the future because it all might fall to shit. To me though, the worrying about tomorrow gets in the way of today. I like living day by day.
This all really comes down to my girlfriend and I moving in together when our leases are up in October. See she is doing all this planning and I'm kind of taking the position that we are not going to be looking at apartments now so I'm not going to worry about it.

Ugh. At the end of the day I hope that our differing outlook on life in general and the future just balances us both out. Regardless I'm going to keep living for the day and just letting shit roar. That might be my way of being a coward and having a hippy-like carefree attitude since it's "all cool, bro" that none of my plans are failing because I'm not making any.
My baby-faced self has to get lunch.
Keep it real out there.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ahhh! This is mental.
I've been so fucking swamped at work.
Today the management team decided to fuck off at about 5:30pm so naturally everyone is dicking around while I actually answer the phones. Fuck me. I don't know why I still take this bullshit seriously but I suppose it just unnatural for me to be a lazy dickwad.

Not much to write about here. I'm busy at work and barely have time to squeeze this in before I get a couple more things done and then leave for the day at 7pm.

I made dinner with the chick last night. She made the fajitas and I made the shrimp ceviche. Delicious all around. We really did a killer job, if I may say so myself. She is working tonight at Rev and everyone knows that Thursday is the new Friday. So get your ass over there and buy a beer from her. Tip her well, too. I'm broke as fuck!

Ugh. This weekend is going to be great. Well, the weekend I don't know about. Tomorrow is going to be awesome, for sure. I'm hanging out with my girl and quite a diverse crowd. I love every one of them and could not be more excited.
What doesn't excite me about tomorrow is the fact that I have to get in to work at 8am. Means waking up at, probably, 6:30am. Ugh. But I musn't complain, right? I mean, I am getting overtime.

I gotta go.
Go buy some beers/but refrain from hitting on my girlfriend tonight.
Oh! In closing Jane Jihad is a crazy bitch!
P.S. watch my favorite dude on this show.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I was your silver lining but now I'm gold.

Ugh. I'm a total fucking wreck today, blog. I mean it. See that girlfriend of mine works as a bartender at Revolution Brewing. This is awesome for her as the place is, most nights, on and popping. Do the kids still say that these days? So I've been getting off work and hanging with the room mate until he goes to bed at a reasonable hour. Then I sit and play some video games to entertain me (currently mixing it up between Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X and NHL 10) until the girlfriend calls me to let me know she's off. Pick her up, come home. Talk, make out, maybe a lil sexy time and then I crash usually getting about 3-5 hours of sleep.
Well last night you could throw in a good amount of beers, a Tempeh Reuben, smoking, no sexy time, the drummer from Model Stranger to make sure that my night was awesome and my morning was the absolute opposite.

Okay, so my room mate's cousin is the drummer for Model Stranger and they're lovely guys that make lovely music so check them out.
He was apparently visiting my room mate last night when I arrived with the girlfriend and saw him getting in his car. He decided to come back in and have a beer with myself and the girl. Awesome.
I'm a hot mess but just got some coffee. So it's looking up.

You would think that I'd be in the shittiest mood as I usually am when I have anything that is even dressed up like a hangover. I'm not though. I think it's the fact that I'm so fucking miserable today that I'm able to find the silver lining and realize it's not that bad. Maybe I'm just overdosing on this at work.

List time.
Silver linings:

I'm fucking tired. I don't believe that I will ever catch up on the sleep I've missed since I met my girlfriend some 7 or so months ago. I just don't see it happening. I am to blame for this and I'm not trying to pin this all on her. I offer the rides. She's taken cabs/public transportation before and does not expect the ride in any way but I am, at the end of the day, absolutely exhausted.
Silver Lining: I have this amazing girl to pick up from work and hang out with all night until I'm to the point that I can't keep my eyes open. Every morning I'm a wreck and feel like I should sleep more but I don't regret it. Honestly, I absolutely adore my girlfriend and kind of down play in this space because a) it's sappy and if you're not my girlfriend or me it is just a bunch of bullshit that is boring to read and makes me sound like a sniveling dildo and b) she may get sick of me one day and ditch my ass leaving me a sobbing, sniveling, heart broken dildo who has put these words to this page and must now scramble to erase entire posts that even mention her. End of the day she is amazing and I'm just psyched to spend time with her even if it is aging me at a pace that is more rapid than when Warner Bros and Elijah Wood thawed out Mel Gibson. Also, there's the feeling that I'm truly living life. I mean I'm cramming as many hours in to the day as I possibly can. So there's that.

I have no money. I always find myself semi-broke. Not scraping by but I'm certainly not making it rain at Heavenly Bodies or anything like that, either.
Silver lining: I know the value of a buck. I know that's a tired, worn, cliche phrase that parents tell kids when they whine about not being able to get a candy bar/Power Ranger action figure/pony/puppy/dinner but it rings true when you have to start caring for yourself. I find myself eating delicious sushi buffets, going to the Dominican Republic with my girlfriend, eating a whole South American rotisserie chicken with my room mate because these are things that are important to me. I'm not looking to rush out and by Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 because (while I want it like a fat kid wants cake [that reference is still fresh, right?]) because I've got some amazing things to do with amazing people and I'll save up for that. Well, that and parking tickets.

I am swamped at work.
Silver lining: Overtime, bitches. Dolla dolla bills, y'all.

I have a blog that no one reads. Ever.
Silver lining: It does it's job. I write this for myself and to kind of take stock in thing, self reflect and straighten out what my self medication of beer/food doesn't take care of. It works. Even if no one reads it. Still gotta figure out how to use it as my golden ticket.

This could be getting a bit too sappy. I don't know what my deal is today. Although I think this blog is just doing it's job as explained above.

Go out there and get happy!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Good Morn

Unbelievable. Look at the time.
I'm at work.

Ugh. I'm on 4 hours of sleep. The girlfriend had a girls night out with a best friend/ex-room mate and as much as it borderline disgusts me to type this here I find it, these days, kind of difficult to sleep without her there. I mean I have enough sleeping problems with my constant anxiety about how bad work sucks/how little money I have/the latest boss in Final Fantasy/etc. Throw in a large, empty cold spot next to me and I'm really in for it. Jesus H Christ I am not sure when I became a bit dependant on this girl but it happened quick. I suppose it might be because we have no beer in the house. I would have just tied one on and passed out if we did. Listen, I'm not complaining this realization just hit me last night/this morning. Whatevs.
Listen, I've got a shit ton of work to do & I'm at work about an hour and a half before I usually even wake up so.... I gotta go and shake the cobwebs out of this fucked up head of mine.

Good news? Today is pay day!

Also, it's date night with the lady. That's awesome. I'm thinking sushi... Depends though on how she's feeling. She did text to say that she was really drunk at nearly 4am... So...

Okay, I gotta get at it.
Coo coo ka choo!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is probably the best blog ever...

Hey blog.
I was driving to work today and saw probably the best ad ever.
It was on the back of a truck that was delivering Carlsberg beer. It read simply: "Probably the best beer in the world." I've never drank Carlsberg but I want to now! Their website says it is "probably the best website in the world." This is hilarious to me. I wish I could market myself in this way. Could you imagine what I would have printed on a Jim delivery truck? Hmmm let's see... Probably disease free. Probably the tallest Asian in the world. Probably the biggest dick you've ever seen in your life. Probably WILL call you back in the morning. I just thought that was absolutely hilarious/ridiculous/awesome and generally a brilliant way to sell anything let alone beer.
After that sighting I had a real shit drive to work this morning on the highway. I think it was because the Illinois Department of Transportation thought they were being funny. They had two of those trucks that park during construction. Ya know, the ones that have the lit up arrows on them... Well, there were driving in the lanes parallel to each other and the arrows were flashing at each other. It was a real sight that I think confused the shit out of everybody in to doing 30mph until O'Hare... Ugh.

In other news Chile got hit with quite the doozy of an earthquake. 8.8 on the earthquake weighing scale. Is that not right... Uhhhhhhhhh. I'm told that's intense. I believe it, too. I mean that fucker shifted the Earth's axis about 3 inches. Oh! Yeah! Then it shortened our days by 1.26 millisecond. What am I going to do with my extra time?
Honestly, I'm not trying to make light of this horrific catastrophe by any means. I am just really focusing on what relates directly to me here.

Ugh. That's all for today, I think. There's more news out there but it's depressing, man. I gotta tell you these crazy people that love to talk eye for an eye might have my agreement when it comes to shit like this. Absolutely incredible how this happens a second time...

Let's end on a light note though, shall we.
Dancing with the Stars new season cast has been revealed.
I watch. I'm not going to lie. In my defense there are some smoking hot women on this show. The pro dancers are delicious as are some of the contestants they get on some times. The notable contestants this season are Buzz Aldrin, Chad Ochocinco, Pam Anderson, Kate Gosselin, some Bachelor dude, Erin Andrews and some others.
That will be interesting. Again the pro dancers are hot. I'm interested to see Pam Anderson go at it. Back in my day she was really the bee's knees as far as hot chicks go. She will surely have a *AHEM* bounce to her steps... Hey-o!!!
Erin Andrews is kind of a buther face but that woman reports sports and is semi-attractive. That's enough to make her a 10 in my book.
I've seen this Kate Gosselin chick look good at times but honestly she's had a lot of children. I would imagine her vag is like a revolving door. I guess it's good thing it's not Stripping with the Stars, eh?
It'll be fun, I'm sure...

I know I said I'd end this on a light note but I just remember that I read this earlier... No home delivery of mail on Saturday? What!? The end is nigh, blog. I'm telling you. The signs are there.

Good luck,

Monday, March 1, 2010

An error has occurred. (8001050F)

Hello blog. How was your weekend? Phenomenal!
Me, oh just fine. I'm still broke. I've really been making a habit of escaping my currently shitty situation by playing video games. It's cool. It fills the gaps between hanging out with my girlfriend and working. Well, now it seems that first generation PlayStation 3 systems are infected with a Y2K type bug. Fuckin Y2K you guys remember that scare? That was hilarious. A system that can calculate an algorithm for the rubik's cube in .0000005 of a second flips it's shit when it has to count up to 2000.
Well, the PlayStation 3 apparently encountered a leap year problem. You see the thing switched back to January 1, 2000 and this seems to make the machine want to commit suicide. What a joke, right? I mean Blu-Ray processors and all but the thing can't account for a leap year every four years. Listen, I'm not that much of a nerd that this is a serious complaint I just find it funny and it helps fill space here... It's serious though. People are posting videos on youtube showing how to open your PlayStation 3 (thus voiding your warranty) and disconnecting the internal battery so that when you restart it the machine asks you to input the date. Crisis averted. Sony says you just have to wait 24 hours and in the meantime the thing won't play games that use this "trophy" feature of PS3. I'm going to take my chances and just play old games, I guess...

Enough nerdy shit, right? Okay. This weekend was pretty cool.
I had an upset stomach that plagued me really all weekend. No idea what that was about. I'm convinced it was the Ska we were drinking. Honestly though, it's worth the stomach because that shit is good. I would suggest the Modus Hoperandi or True Blonde.

I was looking forward to seeing Endo as you may recall. That didn't happen.
See, it turns out that his wife is pregnant and puking in the morning as pregnant women tend to do. I had no idea that his wife was pregnant and the idea of him being a father is hilarious and also frightening to me.
He once told me that he married he knew he was going to marry his wife (who was present for this reminiscing) from the get go. He told me that he remembers waking up with her in his bed after a black out night of drinking. He took her number and told her that he likes that she didn't let him sleep with her and generally was not taking his nonsense. He then told her he would be calling her. BAM! There it is marriage was just the next curve in that road.
Gotta love that.

I was at Revolution Brewing last night after my girlfriend completed her serving shift for the evening. They were all out of the Gold Ale that I love so much. I had to switch it up... I was nervous. Sweating. Twitching. Decided, on the girls recommendation, to have the Iron Fist Pale Ale. Wow. It was good. I'm not switching up my usual or anything, when it's back I'll have the Gold thank you very much. But it's good to know that they do it up right with ALL their beer there and not just the one that I'm used to sampling.

The internet is telling me that I am okay to turn my PS3 back on without worries of it blowing up and/or reanimation Transformer style and attacking my room mate and myself then burning down the apartment. So that's cool. I'll be on the couch drinking Bud Light, eating Girl Scout cookies and just basically sucking at human existence.