Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The sushi diary

Hello there, blog. I haven't really been updating this all too consistently lately, have I? I know, you're right. Apologies... Honestly, I'm sorry. Okay.
I had a pretty good night last night. The girl and I went to this place Kanok. It's a wonderful little sushi place. They have this deal (excluding weekend nights) for $22+tax that is all you can eat sushi. Wow... I ravaged that place. The girlfriend helped me a bit but I really did most of the work... I'll outline it, how does that sound?

Here's what we ate:
Cucumber salad
Miso Soup
Vegetable Tempura

Nigiri Sushi:
Maguro (Tuna)
Tamago (Cooked Egg)
Masago (Smelt roe)
Ika (squid)
Ebi (Cooked Shrimp)

Maki Rolls:
Tuna & avocado roll
Spicy Tuna roll
Spicy California roll
Shrimp Tempura roll
Fired Dragon roll which is spicy tuna topped with avocado, unagi and unagi sauce

All for $44+tax.
Oh... And the place is BYOB. Count it!

That's the type of dinner that will usually leave me stuffed to the gills waking up with a pain in my stomach and a general feeling of doom and anxiety. Not today though. Oh, I do have a general anxiety about this day but that's because I left my phone at the girlfriend's place this morning.

I don't really see myself as one of those people with a nose buried in the screen of their phone texting/surfing the net at break neck speeds. My girl claims that I'm attached to the phone but she just says that because I'm always NEAR my phone. Makes sense to be, right? Whatever... It's really kind of amazing how out of touch one feels when you do not have your cell phone on you. I, at times, feel like it might be nice to separate myself from a cell phone but whenever I think that again just remind me of today, okay blog? Cool...

Let's see... What other commentaries do I have about the society of today's dependency on technology... Hmmm. Oh! I tried to get change for a $20 today at work. Do you know how hard that is today? Do you know how many people laughed at me and showed me their empty wallets? Do you know how many people showed me their single dollar bill they have that they folded in to a paper airplane? Okay, just the one paper airplane but honestly I asked about 24 people for change and not one could produce it.

Okay enough of that.
Quick update on certain things here for ya blog. Just an update to keep everything organized and clean.
Being a best mans is, for now, very boring and uneventful. I realize this will change as we get closer to the date but for now there is nothing to document here.
The crazy couple downstairs don't really fight that much anymore. My room mate heard the woman screaming all loud and the dude was telling her, very calmly, to quiet down. Heh.
I'm still fat (see above list of food ingested last night) and have not started running yet.

That should be it.
I'm going to Revolution Brewing tonight. Should be good times. Wanna meet up for a drink? Awesome just give me a call... AWWW FUCK!

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