Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Physical fitness Test?

Fed up again today, blog.
I just can't take it. This fucking job sucks. I work my ass off (compared to the other people here [I really do nothing if you'd like to compare me to an iron worker/waitress/busboy/anyone that doesn't sit for 8 hours a day]) and get paid less than what I deserve. I realize that I have a job and that is more than a lot of people can say in this economy but fuck me if I don't hate it. I do realize that only I can change this situation and that I look like a real sniveling dildo by complaining yet still working here. Probably still going to do it though. Fuck me.
Yahoo.com ran the "how to be happy at work" article again. I could fucking kill someone.
My room mate really wants to get police or fire fighter jobs. They pay well. I don't really know if I have what it takes to be a cop but who knows. I also think that my room mate is picturing it, at this time, as us being partners or something. Heh. You have to pass a physical for these jobs though so... You guessed it. I gotta start running. We'll see when that actually happens.

I'm pretty beat today. I've been really tired lately. These days just kind of blend together, really. My girlfriend got that new job that I can't stop plugging and talking about. Honestly though, it's taking it's toll on me as well. See, I do not really feel awesome about having her wander around Logan Square with upwards of $500 cash on her. So I pick her up when she's done with work. This is typically about 2:00am on average. I am usually pretty tired at that point. I've been like a zombie lately with no realization of what day of the week it is. Musn't complain though. Right? Honestly I adore the girl and I'm much happier being tired, walking around like a zombie with her than sitting around covered in Frito crumbs, having a wank, while I play video games and have a normal amount of sleep in a night.

Other news - Ric Flair got attacked by his wife on Sunday and she was arrested for it. That sucks! Do you think his wife found Tiger Woods cell number in his phone?

My manager just walked by and set quite the lofty goal for me to complete by the end of the day. I'm in between getting it done (which will not get me anything other than a "well done") and kind of half assing it so that I do not raise my bar any higher here.
Fuck me. What a bad attitude to have, eh?
Fuck it.
Love ya!

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