Friday, February 26, 2010

Ooooooooooooh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa, BROTHA!

Holy shit. I can't believe it. That douchebag (Kristen Stewart) and bitch (Robert Pattison) from Twilight are dating. Unbelievable. Why the fuck would anyone possibly care? I mean, I'm banging her so I have no interest in this fact. You shouldn't either, blog. I don't care how many times you've seen "Twilight" and "New Moon" or how much memorabilia you have from the series. You should not care! Kapish? Okay.
It's Friday. You know what that means... Right? Oh fuck me, blog! Do you not pay attention to any of these words I type in this fucken space? The Ricky Gervais Show. HBO. Tonight. 8:00pm CST. Watch!

Work is killing me. My buddy (read: work buddy. I've seen him outside of work like two times for drinks) got canned today. He was a real work horse so now an extra 130 claims have been divided between myself and the four other people on my team. Ugh. Silver lining here is that this opens up the door for overtime. I'm coming in here tomorrow for some over time. Hell yeah. Also next week I should be racking up about 5 hours of over time. Not a huge amount but it helps out. Especially since I have a vacation coming up. June 3-7. Dominican Republic with the girl. I have to get a passport and all that fun stuff that is associated with international travel...

What else? Hmmmm. I'm pretty psyched for the weekend, blog. It's looking like I'm going to be hanging out with the room mate and a dear old friend tomorrow afternoon. Kuma's Corner for myself, the room mate and the dear old friend Endo. Yes, his name is Endo. Guess why... What? Well, yeah that but also it works in a way with his last name. This kid is fucking nuts. I asked him one time what kind of dog he has and he replied "Part terrier and part clown shoes" he says the most ridiculously hilarious things and is a walking party.
I can do my best to remember the top notch lines that I'm sure are gonna be pouring out of this clown tomorrow but where there is Endo there is blacked out Jim. Every time we hang out together. So don't count on it.
So it's up at 8am to shower and get in to work at 9am. Work til noon. Rush home. Meet the room mate and head out to meet Endo. From then on who knows. I might wake up in Altoona, IA in the middle of a corn field wearing a mesh trucker hat, foam finger and a Hulkamania T-shirt.
We'll see.
You enjoy your weekend and be safe out there.
Don't drink the water.

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