Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nothing is irreversible

Wow. How about that blog?
You nerds out there catch that 2 hour premiere?
Amazing, no? I mean the bomb detonated and it didn't. Then wait, they're off the island and on a plane and have never even crashed. Oh my heavens.
Listen, those words had a sarcastic tone to them in my head while my fingers were putting them to a keyboard. I can't lie though I was captivated. I mean was all over that shit. I will be glued to the TV for every episode of this season that is for sure. I'm sure I'll buy the DVD when it comes out too. It's just so silly to me. I mean, I make sure to not get too involved. I have not taken notes and listed my theories and such. Won't go that far. No TV show is worth that, amirite?

In real word news my girl worked her first shift at her new place of employment Revolution Brewing and is loving it. I suggest you guys go there and have some local brew and delicious food. I can't really give any recommendations because I myself have yet to get over there for some food/brew but would imagine that will be happening early next week. Go there though and enjoy it. It's going to be a really hip spot. It's opening to the public TODAY and there really is not a spot like it in that neighborhood. Just don't hit on the girl with the nose ring, okay? I'll bust your ass up!
What else? Not much. Fuck man. There is just not much of note and/or excitement going on in my life.
I have an outdoor hockey game that I will be attending on Saturday with my buddies. The Twins and The Ghost. I don't know if I've mentioned The Twins in this space or not. They went to the same high school as me which makes them cool. They are not identical twins. Weird. Fraternal twins creep me out. Don't know why. Actually, it's probably because of these two clowns.
There's the one, Twin D, who is out there to say the least. Honestly, the kid is really jittery. He is always nervous. Having a dialogue with him is like playing a fucking pinball machine with one hand tied around your back while trying to do long division with your half cousin licking your balloon knot. I imagine that the thoughts in his head sound like a fax machine connecting when you are sending a fax out. He's crazy. I was at a bar once and convinced a friend of mine that he is autistic. She started almost crying and told me I should not make fun of him for that. I would never make fun of autistic people, that is rude. He is not autistic. She believed me though. That is all I'm saying. This kid is not normal mentally. I love him for it.
The other is Twin J. This kid is the smartest moron I've ever met in my entire life. First off, he is a cop and the fact that he is allowed to carry a gun and expected to serve and protect frightens me. He is awesome, though. The kid never loses an argument. He has himself convinced that he is the smartest person in any room. That is what makes him a moron. I can admit when I'm wrong. Twin J... Never going to happen. He has these amazing, grandiose ideas and when trying to pitch them to people you kind of feel bad for him because it seems like in his head he is a genius but he just can not communicate it to the rest of the normal, human world. Also, his girlfriend (we'll call her [guess why]) is the person that kind of hooked my girlfriend and me up. So they are all good people.

The Ghost I have talked about before. Childhood friend. Has a hot cousin. All that.
This kid is absolutely mad. We get around each other and we become the most disgusting, ignorant people in the world because when we are hanging out we don't care what anyone thinks of us cause, man, we got each other. We've laughed so hard I've thrown up. We once (can't believe I'm actually typing this out) had a competition to see who could stand the others farts. We would fart on the couch and the other had to smell it face pressed against said couch. We are disgusting. We honestly, however, do not care what anyone thinks (and not like someone says to make the people they are looking for acceptance from think that they don't need their acceptance) so this behavior is totally cool.
I believe that this weekend he is going to tell me that I will be the best man at his wedding. I know I've typed this here before. I have to tell you I couldn't be more worried now that it is starting to sink in. Fuck.

Well, that filled the space quite nicely. It was probably all unintelligent drivel but I'm not so worried.
Have a good night. We'll rap tomorrow blog.

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