Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let it snow

Woah. 2 days off. Crazy right?
As I mentioned here I had to be on my best behavior on Monday as there was a client in the office. That went alright. They did hover over my desk and ask me some questions. Thing is I was, as per usual, working on some other persons claim. So they wanted me to walk them through the process on this file that is all types of fucked up. It's not my file so I don't know how we've arrived at the point we are at now. Whatever, I think I did a pretty good "Hey, what's that over there?!" type distraction on them. Just ran a little interference. End of the day. Not my file, I'm not in trouble.

Yesterday was a bit of a treat... So lame that things like this constitute a "treat," oh well. I got off work early!!! Hell yeah. So I didn't blog here. See one of the companies that I handle claims for is located in Pennsylvania. They're getting really fisted by mother nature over there and are having record breaking snow fall. So day off for them. Since I didn't have new work coming in I just kind of tidied up what I have pending and split right the fuck out of here. Did I enjoy my day off? Fuck yeah. Had a wank. Played some videogames. Had some Burger King (2 double cheesies, 2 tacos) and just lounged, really. Fuck me. Still haven't done that running I spoke of. Fat bastard.

Today is a bit of the same thing. I don't think I'm going to be let out early but the main account I work for is closed. Must be nice... I'm already probably half done with my work and it's about 12:30pm now. I will be cruising the internets all day taking my time in helping others out with their work after I finish mine.

What else to update. Olive Garden was delicious. Crazy Heart was a solid movie. Lovely story about a country singer/songwriter out on the road all washed up, road wary, drunken and sloppy. Really fun.

Ugh.... Not much more to update. Another week another episode of LOST.
Oh!! Apparently John Mayer is under some fire, eh? I mean he detailed all his previous relationships in depth for Playboy magazine, dropped an "n bomb" in the same interview, apologized via Twitter and got all teary-eyed on stage in Nashville, TN stating he just "wants to play guitar." What a tool, no? I mean in this day and age we've got our need for the latest news all the time. Why the fuck should I or do I care about where the Gossip Girls ate dinner last night or who Snookie made out with at what club at 4am last weekend.... Okay the latter may kind of interest me. Listen at the end of the day to be a successful celebrity today you almost have to throw your whole life out there. I mean if you bore people they will not tune in to watch you get knocked out on the boardwalk or grind someone in the hot tub, right? I mean my knowing that John Mayer couldn't consummate his relationship with Jennifer Love Hewitt lends a whole new interpretation to "Your Body is a Wonderland."
As far as dropping the "n word" that is just plain stupid. John, you know that word is so racially charged and has such emotion attached to it that nothing good was going to happen. He was attempting to use it to show how dumb racism is, if I understand his apology. Come on, John. You're a rich white guy that dates the hottest women in Hollywood and get (probably undeserved [opinion]) recognition for writing/performing music. If someone of Caucasian descent is going to pioneer and/or champion a movement to erase racism and/or promote a world where anyone can use the "n word" without causing harm that guy ain't gonna be you, dawg. Seriously.
At the end of the day I guess I'm just trying to figure out if these celebutards are just the most arrogant, self-important, self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing dickholes/baginas or if they are just doing what their field dictates they must to be successful. Ugh. The age old debate. I complain about these things but notice I'm pretty in touch with it all, eh? I blame this on my mind numbing job. Surfing the internets all day really pulls me in to the disgusting, apathetic world of celebrity news/gossip. Fuck me.

Well, I've got to go. I spoke with the girlfriend and we're going grocery shopping after work. I have to pick out something to make for dinner so I'll be searching recipes with the rest of my day... Fun.
Maybe tomorrow I'll provide a position by position breakdown of my sex life.
John Mayer ain't got shit on me when I unveil my unparalleled masturbation techniques.
Watch out!
Get the KY ready.

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