Monday, February 15, 2010

I don't want anybody else

Wow. Blog.
I had quite the day today. See, I called in on Friday since I was "sick."
So lots of work had to be done to catch up today.

I did get over to Revolution Brewing to visit that lovely little lady that I call many things but most importantly my girlfriend. I know I've really been selling this joint in this space but honestly I like it more and more every time I visit. The place is really nice. I know a lot of the people there so that it makes it a bit more fun I suppose... I ate the Smokehouse Burger when I visited last which comes with Pepper Jack cheese and Caroline style pulled pork. Wow! That thing was great. I got fries as a side and regretted that because my room mate got the garlic cream cheese mashed potatoes and they were uhmazing!!!

Let's see... What else? Not much really. Had a great time on Thursday which is why I might have been a bit "sick." Hung out with the girlfriend and some of her friends she has not seen in a while. Got a bit drunk and found myself in quite the lovely dive bar singing karaoke to "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls. Wow...

Well, work day is almost over as I had so much to catch up on. Maybe we'll get a proper post tomorrow, blog.

Be safe out there.

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