Monday, February 22, 2010

Are you having a laugh?

A manager was sitting in the cubicle next to mine today.
Holey hell did I work hard!
I'm tired.
Had a pretty great weekend, though.
My girl is now training behind the bar at Revolution Brewing which is new and exciting for her. I'm excited too because there is that added bonus of beer. I ate at Rev again over the weekend. This time it was the working man burger which had apple wood smoked bacon, beer onions and a honey-jalapeno slaw on it. Phenomenal. The room mate had a chicken sandwich that he thought was good but left him wanting more. I mean literally. He was still hungry. If you knew him you would realize that is not necessarily a dig on the sandwich. We split a bacon fat popcorn app too. The sides? Well, we both went with the garlic/cream cheese mashed potatoes.
Hmmmm. What else?
My girlfriend gave me a new book to read. "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War" by Max Brooks. I'm only like 2 chapters in but I'm digging it already. It is written from the perspective of a writer that is assembling a UN Post War Commission Report. It's a semi-original way to write a zombie book, right?
I don't expect it to be Murakami or anything but I like it thus far.

I have to get outta here. Work kicked my ass today. I'm heading by my parents house to have some dinner. Drama (my brother) will be there with his girl (who I believe I've dubbed "Rose" here) but they are not bringing their dogs. Bummer.
I will then head home to do some laundry and play video games whilst I wait for my girlfriend to get done with her shift. I can't really let her wander around Logan Square with all that cash on her at 3:30am, can I? Nope.

Oh, I also hope you all watched "The Ricky Gervais Show" because I thought it was amazing. Really, really great. There are some other people who agree with me too.

Have a good night.
Maybe a proper blog post tomorrow... List and all... We'll see.

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  1. Hey!
    I've read that Zombie book and its pretty great! Its definately a different approach to Zombieness, and it was pretty hard to put down.

    What was the bacon fat popcorn app like? Its pretty weird, because my roomate and I were discussing putting bacon fat on popcorn instead of butter and how great that would be. She thought it would be discusting, but I thought it would be great. Especially if it was on kettle pop corn.