Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions? Oh, I got 'em.

Well, well.
It's a new year, blog. 2010. Sounds weird, right?
I think I'm going to refer to this year as "twenty ten" as opposed to just "ten." That would be weird.
Resolutions? Oh, I got 'em. I, however, am going to be keeping it simple. My resolution is going two-fold and they really go hand in hand.

Resolution part I - No more parking tickets. Again, this city is raising the price for parking city wide. My girlfriend's place will probably be the 3rd of 4th zone to get this bump up. Not sure how much it's going to be but it's possible that it begins to cost me $8.00 for 2 hours. Holy shit. That's robbery, no? I'll need a 2nd shitty job just to pay the cost of me visiting my girlfriend. Regardless though, this is charged from 9pm-8am. They are starting to enforce it. Hard. So, I'm going to resolve to make sure I get no further parking tickets for not being out of my girlfriend's place by 8am. Oh, and for those keeping count I believe we are at $700.00 in parking tickets paid since I started dating the lovely lady.

Resolution part II - Be on time to work. I hate this fucking place. Absolutely hate it! I'm definitely going to be looking for new employment in this new year. For the time being, however, I have a job. Whether I hate this place or not I have a job and that's something. So, while I do have a job in a time that they're not so easy to come by I figure I might as well get here on time and keep my employed status.

Some resolutions that were left on the cutting room floor:
Get a new job - I can't really resolve to do this as it is out my control. I mean I could apply for any/all job but the hiring of myself is something out of my control. Therefore, I did not want to resolve to do something that I, myself, can't actually do.
Get in shape - This really is a huge, general resolution. Therefore, I scrapped it. I mean this means working out, eating better, not drinking as much. Honestly, I MIGHT be able to hit one of those goals. All of them? Doubtful. I mean, let's not set ourselves up for failure, amirite? Beside my girlfriend and I are both very good at eating, drinking and still looking sexy so while this continues I don't necessarily need to make a hasty change.
Quit smoking - This really has already happened as it's probably been about 2 months since I've last enjoyed the sweet, sweet taste of a Marlboro. So maybe it should be continue not smoking. Again though, this is one of those things that is kind of mind over matter, in my opinion. No one has quit smoking without being ready to make that happen. You just have to want to quit. Realize that the money you save/not smelling like a turd/not having yellow teeth/not freezing your balls off outside to indulge a ridiculous habit is worth sacrificing looking cool and fitting in. I mean, that's the only reason anyone ever starts smoking. This could also fall under the get in shape category. This is just really all about continuing to be disciplined in one facet of my life so it didn't make resolution of 2010.
Cook more meals - This one could help in staying in shape but not so much with the way I cook. I need flavor. Flavorful = bad for you. Honestly, that's not always the truth. It is better than fast food pretty much no matter what you do. It's cheaper as well. I can monitor exactly what crap I am ingesting. Also, it leaves left overs for work lunches in turn saving more money and keeping me from eating more crap than necessary. Also, it's fun and I like it. Therefore it didn't make resolution status as I a) do not plan on cooking EVERYDAY and b) I enjoy it. Let's make this a bit of a challenge.
Have more sex - As above, I enjoy it. Really, this is going to be a resolution every year for the rest of me life. Regardless of how much/often I'm having it.
Play/write more music - Again, this is something I enjoy right? The moment I make this a resolution I kind of make it a chore. I don't want to do that with music.
Read more - See above.

There you have it. I will be a little bit more responsible with my sleeping, and more importantly, waking habits.
Fingers crossed.

Oh and P.S. On the work front here they moved a ton of people around. I'm pretty much on my own little island here. Honestly, I love it! Anti-social/loner/dick call me what you will but I get more done and am more happy doing it.
2010 is looking up so far!

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