Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A little flabbier

Ello there, blog.
I'm feeling better today, myself. Not hungover and I have tomorrow off! Wonderful.
Going to a Blackhawks game with my girlfriend tomorrow to see my nephew play before hand and then watch the game. Should be a blast!
Drama (my bro) was going to go with his Rose (his gf) but that is not happening anymore. I had a fastest fingers text message contest amongst my friends to get rid of the tickets left. So my friend (we'll call him The Good Kid from here on out) and his girlfriend (who doesn't need her own nickname as I'll likely never be hangin with her without The Good Kid around) claimed them. I'm so fucking excited for this.
The Good Kid is a tall, tan, Italian fella. He is, if you can imagine it, someone that is from The Jersey Shore that you would actually love to hang out with. Okay that may be a stretch. Honestly though, this guy is amazing. I'm so psyched to hang with him at a venue in which absolute drunkenness is appropriate and expected.
This kid is kinda tan but not as orange as The Situation. A little flabbier, so this automatically lets you know that he's not EXACTLY like a Jersey Shore cast member. Honestly, he really can't be compared but he's just awesomely obnoxious and loves to get drunk and just make bad decisions.
It's going to be great.

As far as my news from last week that I can't believe I didn't tell you...
Lady Gaga was at Kuma's Corner when I was in there. Honestly.
I didn't recognize her because, well, I'm not really a fan of hers. She seemed alright. There was a write up in the RedEye about her being there. It was talking about how she got the Judas Priest (bacon, bleu cheese with apples, walnuts and dried cranberries) and didn't demand any special treatment. Well, la di frickin da. Honestly, you came to Kuma's Corner. Who would expect any special treatment there? Judas Priest themselves maybe. People were kinda goin ape shit about it. Taking pictures with her but for the most part it was cool. I mean, Kuma's is usually pretty nuts to butts packed with hipsters anyway so everyone was probably trying to act like they didn't really care that Lady Gaga was there. Or maybe they were pretending to care even thought they didn't care because not caring is what everyone else was doing.
What this then brought me to was the whole idea of celebrity.
I told everyone I was with that I don't understand why they would get all crazy about Lady Gaga. I believe I said something like "What am I going to have her sign a bar napkin? What the fuck am I gonna do with a god damned bar napkin. Ridiculous." Sorry about the language but I'm pretty sure I was 4 PBRs in already with no lunch.
Everyone tested me with the whole idea that if it was someone I loved then I would be on their nuts.
My girlfriend, the wonderful girl she is, came to my defense. There was this one time, I wrote about it in this space actually, that I DID see someone that I admire and kind of have a bit of a man crush on. Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio. He was at Gingerman in Wrigleyville when I was there. No one in the group I was with cared enough to say anything. End of the day I just kind of walked up to him and was like "Hey Matt, I'm a huge fan. Cheers." That type thing.
Because at the end of the day he is just some guy in a bar. He is just trying to have some fun with his friends. Why would you ask him for an autograph? Better yet what would you do with that authograph? I may understand doing this if he's at a concert and just got done with a set, okay.
"That was a great sip of beer there Matt, can I have your autograph?" I just don't get it.

I don't know. I'm just really rambling kinda, aren't I?
I can't focus. I don't have to work tomorrow and am just yearning for some lite beer and ice hockey. You guys have a good day. I know I will.
I will post the nonsense that ensues with The Good Kid tomorrow.
Love y'alls. Keep the peace.

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  1. i have a man crush on skiba as well. i gave a FAT hug to bk at the gingerman as well as a pinch on the ass (and to neil and chris). bk told me to please send him my nudes. neil giggled. chris was taken aback. my boner was raging.