Friday, January 8, 2010

I've got 100 resolutions but I've got no solutions.

You win, 2010.
I was late to work today. 11 minutes late. You'd think I'm shattered about it but nothing can bring me down. It's pay day and I have plans with my little lady AND the room mate. Getting some sushi & going to see George Michael in that new movie he is in. Should be good times.

I gotta tell you, and I usually try to stray from it in this space but, I am crazy about this girlfriend of mine. We're experiencing the ecotone here tonight.
The ecotone for those of you unfamiliar, blog, is usually used to explain plant life. It's the transition between to adjacent but different communities. Make sense right? The room mate and the girlfriend are adjacent to me but different entities in and of themselves.
In the past this would make me nervous. I mean you want your dudes to be able to get along with your girl, right? However, you don't want to parade just any broad around them willy nilly. You do that and before you know it you're sitting outside tending to your lady who's not getting enough attention while your boys are inside doing blow off each others dongs and watching the midget wrestling championship match on TV.
Not gonna happen to me tonight though, blog. Nope. The room mate loves the girl. The girl loves the room mate. They get along swimmingly. However, not so well that he's stopped being my room mate. I could still sneak a smoke/shove a balloon of heroin up my ass/order a hooker or two and he would still keep this all confidential.
So there's that. That's the reason for my good mood. I mean not that I've recently ordered a hooker but that it's pay day and I get to enjoy the company of my girlfriend and one of my best friends simultaneously.

Hmmm. What else, blog?
Oh there was that winter storm warning which was a real cock tease. Mother nature really left me with some blue balls whilst lusting over blizzard like conditions.

I'm listening to a little sports radio talk show right now. The Danny Mac Show on 670 the Score to be exact. They're talking about Blackhawks hockey. This brings me to some other excitement to come. Next week my nephew is going to be playing a game with his team prior to the Blackhaws v Blue Jackets game on 1/14/10. Right there on the United Center ice. That glorious looking Indian right there at center ice. How exciting is that for the little guy? Also, the girl will be there with me as will Drama (the brother), his girlfriend (we'll call her Rose from here on out, k?) and my sister and her husband.
That's cool. Should be fun. The girl has been wanting to check out a hockey game. She enjoys it but really wants to see it live. Best way to see it anyway.

So there's that. Nothing but sunshine today, blog.
You have a good weekend. I'm going to actually get some work done while I'm actually in a good, productive mood.

Be kind to each other.

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