Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's not over til the cognac dries up.

How are we all doing this fine morning?
Yes, I am a bit cheery. Oh, you noticed the smile. Great.
Yes, I am at work early. See, another person got canned so I have a shit ton of work. I'm really busy now (this is why I didn't post here yesterday... Well that and I was off celebrating MLKJ Day) and am taking advantage of the overtime that has been offered by management...
Why was she fired? Well, I'd rather not get in to office politics here but from what I heard there was a nap happening in the bathroom. Heh. Smooth, right?
I was approached yesterday about possibly getting a promotion to be a "team leader" or a supervisor of an account that we handle claims for. I don't know how I feel about this. Sure, I feel flattered that they think I could be responsible enough to run a team. That feels good. I have my doubts though.
For one thing, I don't ever outwardly complain about how much I hate it here but I don't think you'd have to interrogate me too hard to figure out that this is not my dream job.
So now I have to wonder if they are possibly just kind of feeding me a bit of scrap so I just stick around since I know I'm getting fed. Get it? I mean, I obviously am a value to the company. No matter how much I may loath this place I am not going to waste my time. While I'm here I am stuck here. Might as well get shit done, right?

I don't know... Honestly, though I am in a pretty stellar mood.
I'm getting my proper Ricky Gervais fill. He was on Conan last week, hosted the Golden Globes Sunday, The Invention of Lying gets released on DVD & Blu-ray today and The Ricky Gervais Show is gearing up to premiere on HBO. Gotta love it. I'm going to get out there and purchase "Lying" on Blu-Ray tonight after work. I have been reviewing all the podcasts to get ready for the HBO premiere. Mmmmmmmmm. A good amount of Ricky like that will make me happy!
Speaking of movies the girl and I watched "500 Days of Summer" last night. Well, I watched it. The lovely one kinda passed out prior to the conclusion of the movie. I thought it was alright. I absolutely adore Zooey Deschanel though so I was betting I was going to find at least one redeeming quality in the flick. I liked it. Not my favorite but it was good.

Here's the spoiler.... It shit talks and pokes holes in the cookie cutter usual love story and then concludes like the average cookie cutter love story. It was middle of the road if you ask me.

What else? Heidi Montag is out of control with the plastic surgery, eh?
Mark McGwire = 'roid user
Edgar Allen Poe's grave was not annually visited as is usually the case.

Alright. Heidi has obviously got problems. I mean she's gotta be the largest attention whore ever, no? I mean in her former incarnation she was a slimy, "look at me, look at me," attention whore for sure. NOW!? Now she's bringing attention to the fact that she's an attention whore that has issues. You've reached a new level of attention whoredom if you are bringing attention to your own issues/shortcomings. I suppose you could say that she is just vocalizing her love for plastic surgery (ick!) to get the acceptance that she needs but that's just a vicious circle, innit? I mean that would be like trying to help a pyromaniac by taking his lighter but giving him a match book. I guess I just don't get it. How does Perez do this? I mean, I could not be bothered less by this type of nonsense. Ugh.

Then there is Mark McGwire. Who cares? Obviously, a lot of people but I don't necessarily understand why. Everyone was doing steroids during that time. The pitchers he hit the home runs off of and the other batters that were ripping them out of the park just like Mark. It's entertainment. It's not some holy profession in which people should be so appalled. Again, I suppose I just can't be bothered.

Finally Edgar Allen Poe. This one I can understand a bit. I mean someone would annually visit Poe's grave and leave three roses along with half a bottle of cognac. If I'm Edgar I'd be pissed that I can't get a lil drunk. Nevermore, heh.

I'm going to my parents for dinner tonight with Drama (the bro) and my girlfriend. Then will be watching "Lying" and doing laundry while I toast to Mr. Poe.
Good day you sexy beasts.

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