Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ima be young money!

Ah. I am back. I am refreshed and ready for a four day week.
I won some money via the football games on Sunday. Not only do I come in to work on Tuesday but there is $50 waiting for me when I get here. Really?! Awesome.
It's going great.
The trip to Wisconsin was awesome. My girlfriends family are all wonderful, wonderful people. The medical procedure was completed on Monday and while she is not 100% she is not feeling terrible and should be feeling back to her normal self in days. So that's good.

Honestly, I am in a great mood. Really jolly.
I do, however, feel that I am getting a bit round. I know I have eluded to this in this space plenty of times but it is getting out of control. I have to do something about this.
I will probably procrastinate in doing this for a bit because honestly, it is freezing out there.
I have got to get back to running for sure. I do not rip off miles as quick as I can or anything but I do like to get out there & run a couple miles a good jogging pace. I am determined to do this. I have to. Honestly, I'm getting really round. It's either the running or I ditch the beer that I love oh so much. The latter is not going to happen so I will start running.

In other news I have a hunch that my best friend (The Ghost) is going to announce to me that I am going to be the best man at his wedding. That's exciting. He called me up and has the peculiar idea of us meeting between the city and the far off suburb that he works at. Oh man. I'm kind of nervous, which is weird. Although, I am excited. It would be an honor if my spidey sense is right in this one... Fuck. This blog may become the success I have been dreaming of... I can chronicle, in this very space, the preparation and general hilarity that goes in to planning to be someones beset man. Oh boy. This is going to be great. The money is going to be rolling in! I can see it now. Book deals. Movie scripts. Booyah!!! It will be wonderful.
Honey, pack up your shit. We're moving to sunny California.
I won't know what to do with all this money!

Ugh. For now I'm going to go grocery shopping after work. Finally purchase "The Invention of Lying" on Blu-Ray and cook dinner with my girlfriend.
I think at the end of this blog I will list what activity I have done and what kind of shit I have ingested. I think seeing it in writing will help me out a bit with the shaping up goals.
Man, there's another formulaic success, right? Watch me get thin like that dickhole Jared from the Subway commercials. Right before your very eyes. Oh, how the world is going to love this!

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