Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm on Team Coco

Hey there, blog.
How are we today? Great. Have a seat! Let's chat. Don't wanna sit? Alright. Fine.
I gotta make this quick anyway.
I'm about to get off work. A bit early, right? I know!
The company "after the holiday" party is today. I get to get drunk with these fucking assholes. I get to shit talk and kiss ass with the best of them. I talked to the people that I would actually enjoy hanging out with and it seems like a 50/50 split of attendees. Half of which I might enjoy speaking with and the other half that I can't stand and will have to hold back not just spitting in their face while they're talking to me and then walking away.
This thing is fucking cash bar. Bullshit.
They have tournaments. Like ping pong, billiards (that's pool for you hip kids) and paper scissors rock. Seriously there's PSR Tourney goin on in this mo fucka!

Quick recap. I shaved my head on Wed. Not bald but very close. Guide wise I think I used the 4. This was with the help of the girlfriend.

Last night was the hockey game. Hawks win. Good times had with the fam. I enjoyed sitting with The Good Kid and his girl. There was no crazy shit that got thrown down. He did text me at 1:30am to let me know he was going to the 4:00am bar/club. It's a laughable little place that is known for hosting under agers and people fucking/snorting coke/smoking weed in the bathroom/parking lot/on the dancefloor.
So I was kind of jealous that I had to work today & didn't get to experience any of that.
In the meantime I have to go get shitty with co-workers and attempt to not hate fuck that one chick I can't stand...

Love you, blog.
Have a good weekend and bundle up!

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