Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm off to see the blizzard.

Hey there.
Gotta make this quick today.
I've got so much work right now it's mental. We're just so swamped because the sleepy shitter got canned. More overtime however, so that's alright.
It's blizzarding outside. That sucks for me because I am going running... I know I said I was going to put it off in my previous post but that is a bad idea. I will just keep on pushing it back if I don't. I already had, upon waking up this morning, the idea in my head that I HAVE to start running today. So... There it is. Have to do it. I mean because I told myself that I was going to do it. It's one thing if you disappoint your parents/brother/child/god/allah/boss/et al but once you start to disappoint yourself then it is all downhill from there. I don't know about you blog but I really get down on myself if I can not complete a task I've set my mind on.
Listen, I'm gonna get outta here, bundle up and get ready to go for a run through snow in boys town. It'll be awesome.
I think.


We'll see..............
Hope you have a great night...

Oh! I almost forgot. I said I was going to put in writing all the shit I ingest in a day...
Here's yesterday:
Sausage, egg, cheese sandwich on a buttermilk biscuit
Lots of water
Half a 8.5oz can of cashews
Roast beef, mayo, provolone sandwich on Italian bread
Half a 2.25oz bag of Jay's Hot Stuff popcorn
A heaping piece of lasagna (prepared and served to me by my room mate so who knows what was in that)
6 Bud Lights

Yeah, I'm definitely going running tonight.

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