Monday, January 11, 2010

Because I shit fire

Well hey there, blog. The weekend is over.
Had fun in the ecotone.

The sushi dinner was delicious. We went to Bentonara and for my money it's the best place to eat sushi in Chicago. Second maybe only to Wakomono.
I ate some spicy rolls. I suggest, if you ever go there, to ask Jesse (the sushi chef there, obviously) to surprise you with a random creation. Tell him you're not afraid of anything spicy (granted that you aren't) and prepare for one of the more delicious things you've ever ingested. Also, while I'm telling you what you should/should not like and/or do (cue me being as Perez-like as I can [told you it was just a matter of time, blog]) I must suggest you grab yourself an Asahi Super Dry. It's just the best tasting Japanese beer I've ever had. That's really saying something also because I don't like beer; I just drink to get drunk. I'm a real catch, ain't I?

Then went to go see "Youth In Revolt." It was good. Honestly, I'm not going to review the god damned thing here but I'll tell you I thought it was going to be better. Could be that this is my fault as I had high expectations from seeing commercials for the film on TV and not looking in to it any further. However, though, and I thought of this on the ride home all filled with sushi & Asahi, I think Michael Cera has played the same character since "Juno." You know the part. Nerdy but not disgusting looking. He's a clever nerd. He's not a pimply video game player that dwells in his parents basement. He's a hip nerd. He is funny and I absolutely loved the kid in Arrested Development. I think it's wearing thin. Hey, they got my money though, right? Keep it rolling, I guess, as long as you can Mikey.

Skip to Saturday. I went to Kuma's Corner. That place is so amazing. I don't know if I've ranted about Kuma's Corner here or not but I do love that place. It's so amazing. From the waffle fries all the way down to the metal blasting whilst you enjoy the most amazing burger you have ever had.
It was a 3 hour wait this time Saturday afternoon (I've waited longer) but some PBR made it easy to deal with. I ordered a Mayhem which is their burger on their delicious pretzel roll with sliced jalapenos, pancetta, pepper jack and gardinera mayo. Holy shit. This fucker was hot! Also, we all shared an appetizer of the P.E.I. Mussels which is served in a delicious sauce that consists of AllagashWhite Belgian style ale, garlic, butter and chiles. More heat.
Needless to say I was shitting hot fire all weekend and had heartburn until I woke up this morning.

On tap for tonight? A hilarious little game called Apples to Apples. Read that description there and imagine your inappropriate drunk friend playing this with 3 people in his low-life crew. That's what I'll be doing tonight. It's going to be fun.
I'm going to also visit sis and pick up the Blackhawks tickets for the game on Thursday. The excitement builds. Mostly because I have the day off....

Well, I'm only 2 hours away from getting drunk and firing up the dirtiest ideas in my head for a lovely Apples to Apples game.
Hope your night can compare.
'Til tomorrow, blog.
I love you.

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