Monday, December 7, 2009

Yes, your honor, this man has no dick.

Hello, blog.
The birthday weekend is over... I'm really still celebrating in to this weekend though. I've got that music of Final Fantasy concert on Saturday that I'm getting more & more excited about. The birthday weekend though was great.
Had sushi with the girlfriend and then met up with some friends to see a wonderful burlesque show. The Flaming Dames Christmas themed show was called "Naughtier and Nicer." Honestly, folks this show was amazing. Absolutely great. My girl knows a couple of the starlets/choreographers/make up peeps/etc. I've seen a previous show of theirs and thought it was good. This latest show though was top notch. Look The Flaming Dames up on Facebook or something & check them out. Great stuff. They hold shows at The Spot in Chicago which is a lovely place who's wait stuff is as top notch as the Dames.

Ok. Done plugging that lovely little group.
Not much to report here today blog. I'm an old man now and am no longer exciting. Work is the same. Home life is the same.
I was recently talking to a friend and somehow started talking about sequels. I can not remember for the life of me how it came up or why.
I was then thinking of all the bad sequels v good sequels. Man that's quite a list, innit?

I think I'm going to put in print that list here.
This is in NO WAY definitive. More so just my list toppers...

Good sequels:
The Karate Kid II - Hell yeah! Daniel-san only gets better really. This goes for the entire damn Karate Kid saga. There's that one with Hillary Swank in it but I'm not even counting it if there's no Mr. Kesuke Miyagi. I hear that they may be re-making this film. Will Smith's son is going to be the kid and Jackie Chan is going to be his Asian teacher/sensai. My main problem with this is the fact that Jackie Chan is Chinese. I'm fairly certain that Miyagi is supposed to be Japanese. We gonna re-write the whole story now, folks? Ugh.

Ghostbusters II - Yep. No explanation needed I don't think, right? I mean. Ghostbusters = amazing. Ghostbusters II = also amazing. So long as the sequel doesn't soil the good name of the first then we're all good, right?

World War II - The finale on this one is just so much better than the first, no?

Street Fighter II - Does anyone even remember the first?

Playstation 2 - It played dvds, cds, original playstation games and playstation 2 games. Nerds everywhere saw an immediate rise in the messiness of their rooms and an immediate decline in their chances of having a girlfriend, ever.

Final Fantasy II - Honestly this series gets better and better with each installment. Let alone tracing it all the way back to the 2nd game.

Swine flu - Oh the horror!!! Everyone get their shot. This thing spread fear overnight, amirite? I mean, I don't even know the number given for the bird flu, even if there was one and I'm not remembering it I'm sure that it wasn't as catchy as H1N1. This thing totally dominated. I mean that previous flu was... Ummmm... I don't know........ For the birds!

Okay, so that list got a bit nerdy there in the end... Sorry.....

Now on to the...
Bad sequels:
World War II - 10x the racism. 10x the firepower. Devastating

Swine flu - Really? This again? The bird flu didn't even scare me and now you're going to try and convince me that I'm going to die from eating bacon? What? That's not exactly how it works? Ugh. Whatever. Either way. Bird flu didn't scare me and swine flu doesn't either. I'm pretty sure bird flu got more media coverage too.

The Karate Kid II - No Elizabeth Shue? There's almost no emotional moments to even come close to parallel the karate tournament championship or even the Halloween party. Man, gimme a break with this one. I hear they're going to remake it though. With Will Smith's kid and Jackie Chan... Now that shit I can get behind!!!

Street Fighter II - Ugh. Upgraded graphics, slightly. More characters. It's just not as pure though. Moving away from the platform style of the first this thing is just such a disappointment.

Playstation 2 - Holy flop. Man, Xbox is 10x the system this thing is. Oh sure, you can play your original Playstation games. Big deal. That's all it is good for because the Playstation 2 titles are all hot steaming piles of shit!

Ghostbusters II - "Everything was fine until dickless here cut off the power grid!"
"Is this true?"
"Yes, your honor, this man has no dick." Find me a line nearly as amazing as that anywhere in Ghostbusters II. Heh. Thought so.

Final Fantasy II - This is a sequel that includes absolutely no characters/settings/plot lines from the original. The score sounds recycled from the first. Don't get me started on the lack of changes to the battle system. I'm not even going to mention here the ridiculousness of the "memo system" in which you can remember and refer back to things other parties said to you during the game. All of it is so predictable. Luckily the franchise somehow survived after this turd.

And that's just the way it goes, blog.
That there, to me, is less about sequels but more just about the general opinion on sequels.
Everyone has their reasons why they can't stand The Karate Kid II, etc. Oh, and people love nothing more than to voice their reasoning. They'll really cut you down if you have a different opinion. Maybe if you're agreeing with them but not reaching that conclusion with the same facts. Oh man, they'll chew you up and spit you out for that. People love doing this and I, myself don't get it. Sure, I'm guilty of it sometimes but man....

Ugh. This is getting long and I have work to do... Okay, I chuckled at that myself but I do have some websites to browse whilst scantily working.
Looks like I'm going to have my own sequel in this place some time tomorrow...
Don't wear out the edge of your seat...

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