Friday, December 11, 2009


Hey there blog.
It's Friday. Payday Friday to top it off.
Ahhhhh. Gotta love that!
About an hour til quitting time & I was listening to Girl Talk to try and get myself in to a psyched, partying mood. Not happening. I don't think I'm going to that party I went in to such great length explaining yesterday. Just can't be bothered. See being sick for the past week or two has left me with a shit ton of stuff to do around the apartment. Generally just two weeks of cleaning, really. So, I'm going to be responsible (ewwww) and skip the drinking tonight. Well, I'm sure I'll have a beer or two to make the cleaning bearable but won't be parading around Wrigleyville all shithoused.

So now I'm chilling at work listening to Sigur Rós. Some good stuff. It's just beautiful music. Not really the easily accessible stuff I usually listen to. In turn it got me digging around the web for some experimental stuff. I mean, not long ago I was talking about how I won't be a music elitist right? I think the best way to do that is go in to new music with an open mind. Try something out right?
I'm going to check out, when I get home, some Merzbow as he seems to be a pretty popular pioneer of the genre and Japanese. Boom. He's already scoring points. The genre he's classified as is "noise." I don't have any experience in this genre. That's another non-elitist move. Admit that I'm not hip on something. This dude's been around FOREVER and I'm just sitting down and checking him out now. I really don't know what I should be expecting but will check it out and see what it's all about.
Also, I'm going to check out Sunn O))) that are some crazy experimental drone/doom metal type band. Lots of bass & guitar from what I've been reading. I've heard these guys name thrown around in the underground and they're probably not even cool anymore by the time I'm getting in to them. Oh well...

Why all this music talk? Well, I'm just getting ready for the year end. Oh yeah. Gotta come up with my best of 09 lists. Sure gonna be hard.
Enough of that. Man, I really had nothing to say in this space here as it just kinda turned in to boring ass music talk. Great.

Later tonight, after the cleaning, I will most likely be meeting up with an old friend. Dennis is his name. He's a twin. He's weird and I haven't seen this fucker in ages. He says the craziest shit & I sometimes think that he's slightly mentally handicapped. Love him though. I'll definitely keep tabs on all the crazy shit he spews tonight. Maybe I'll have some samplings for you next week. Maybe. Oh. Yeah. So the point is that Dennis and I are meeting up because I haven't seen him in a while. I'm going to pick up the girl from work tonight as she's staying at my place as we have that concert tomorrow. So I'm having Dennis meet me up at the girls' work place. Is this a bit selfish of me? Have him drive all the way in to the heart of the city on a Friday night to meet me because it'd be just a tad more convenient for me. Selfish? Maybe. Great plan. I believe so.

Jesus Herbert Christ.
I'm stopping this right now. This is absolute drivel & almost feel bad about hitting the publish button.
Oh well, they can't all be winners, right.


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