Monday, December 14, 2009

From nine to five I'm far away

That lil music experiment was a massive failure.
Sunn O))) is an absolutely terrible band. It's kind of just a little growl from a fuzzy, de-tuned guitar and rumbly, equally fuzzy bass guitar. There is a bit of string work and generally terrible ooooohs and aaaaaaahs from a choir and some dude preaching general doom in a spoken demon-esque voice. I feel it's like what The Candyman would listen to in order to get psyched up to jump you after you beckon him three times in the mirror.
Merzbow, a bit better. That's a tiny bit. I don't really know much or any noise music, really. However, this dude is supposed to be a pioneer, shining example of it. He does have 187 studio release since 1980. That's quite prolific. To me the music is exactly as advertised. Noise. I get it. I can see an appeal. If I was baked I'd probably love all this stuff that much more. However, he has not won over a new listener in me. Nope. That experiment is over.

I guess, while I'm not going to be a music elitist anymore, I have my taste and don't really need to veer to far off that path. I'm pretty open as well. I mean I listen to everything from Alternative Country to Hip Hop. A lot in between, also. Honestly though, open mind and all, could not get in to these two dudes.
I do have to start composing my year end list.
Also I realized I could probably put together a "'best of the decade" list. That might be fun.
While on the topic of music. The girl and I went to that Distant Worlds: The Music of Final Fantasy concert. I had never seen a live orchestra performance and it was amazing. Truly stunning. Full choir with a soloist who had an amazing voice. The orchestra was amazing. The conductor was entertaining. Honestly, I was a little nervous that in his wild flailing he may fall off that little platform he was on but no such thing happened. They also had, nerd alert, a huge screen playing video from the games that related to the music being played. My girlfriend at one point leaned over and whispered "I have no idea what this video game is about." I laughed. Probably not as rewarding if you're not a fan of the video game series and have played through a couple but she dug the experience of the orchestra regardless.
Went over to the sis' last night. Got a bunch of xmas shopping done. Only really have 2 more people left and I am done! It's really alleviating the pressure of getting the shopping done and allowing me to enjoy the holiday time. Sis, girlfriend and I chatted last night quite a bit and had some beers. A little headache this morning but overall feeling good for only 4 hours of sleep.
In summary: great weekend.

Today. Well, it's Monday. I'm going to cap off my 3 and a half hours here with some work and a lot of internet surfing all while listening to "The Ricky Gervais Show" on my iPod.
The girlfriend is working this evening so I'll be home cleaning, doing laundry and playing Final Fantasy. I mean, the concert did inspire me to be a bit more committed to my gaming. Heh.

In this holiday season I must tell you I don't really have a good, solid list of what I want. I just remember as a kid flipping through the Toys-R-Us catalog (this catalog, for those who may not remember, was thicker than a dictionary) circling, underlining and generally coveting all types of things from different pages. Nowadays. Fuck me. Get me some cash and a case of beer and I'm a happy camper.
Don't know when that fades away but Christmas just isn't really the same.
There was talk of the girlfriend and I walking around downtown as it is lovely with all the lights and what not. I'm pretty stoked for that to happen. Other than that, the holiday is just a 4 day weekend from work. Gotta love that no matter who's birthday it is.

Well, I'm not going to start my countdown to Christmas just yet. I still have my girlfriend's family Christmas to attend this Saturday. I'm meeting the extended family this go round. That'll be interesting.

Mondays suck. It is reflected in the quality of this blog.
That's a 2 in a row slump. Ugh.

Happy Holidays.

Oh and yes I did visit with Dennis. He did say crazy shit and it was generally awesome. I could not be bothered to take any of this down/remember it because I was too busy getting retarded myself.

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