Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Excuse me, go fuck yourself!

Oh me oh my.
Where was I blog?

Oh yeah. Diving in to or really only scratching the surface of how people love to argue. Everything and anything. Here's what it really boils down to in my mind. These people, and they're everywhere, are just miserable fucks themselves.
Listen, I'm guilty of it for sure. An elitist attitude about this or that. Probably mostly music is what I could be called out on being an elitist about.
Back to the point.
Elitist - That dildo that will argue with you all day long & commence his arguing by circling back around and patting himself/herself on the back because he/she obviously just "gets" it more than you do.

Elitism is really just a way for smug, unhappy, stuck up, ignorant, miserable, self-loathing dickheads/vagheads to make themselves feel better. Anytime you're arguing with one of these fuckers they're just trying to bring you down.
I've just recently found out about a "new" band. Let's say it's Alkaline Trio.
I heard Alkaline Trio on the radio yesterday & I fucking love this band.
Well rip my ballsack off, because I'm an absolute 'tard.
Elitist: "You like Alkaline Trio's new stuff? Wow. Poseur."
Oh, and they WILL use the word poseur. These people are just jaded, bitter and sad. They remember the last time that they were excited about something new and it's been so long ago that they're pissed off about it and will immediately shit on anyone they see obtaining the excitement they wish they could have.

Hey blog, do you know why they can no longer be genuinely excited about something and in turn have to shit on every one's parade? Because they are too worried about what other people think. Oh yeah!!! Elitist will tell you that they don't care what people think and that they love PURE music not like radio-friendly Alkaline Trio. That's just bullshit, though. They're SO very worried about how they're being perceived by others that they try to take the extreme line on everything & anything so that they can not be, in any way, open for ridicule. Because for people to be able to ridicule them it would lessen their ridiculous opinion about why the Zune is a better mp3 player than the iPod and if their opinion suffers well, then so does the attention that they crave by expressing said ridiculous opinion.

I don't know when it became cool to shit on someone for being excited about something. I think it needs to stop though.
As I admitted up there I see it in myself some time and this is my vow to NEVER be this elitist jag. I won't do it blog. Never again!

Well, that rant is over.
I can't wait to get out from in front of this computer.
Snow has descended upon the Chicagoland area. While it's not snowing pigs and horses like the weather people claimed there is some on the ground & my ride home will probably be a bit painful. These fucking weather people, I'll tell you, made me 15 minutes early for work today because I was expecting shitty commutes foretold of in the book of revelation. Not so much.
Anyway, I'm getting out of here & heading to the girlfriend's place for dinner & Big Love. Man, I just recently got into this show (feel free to be an elitist and tell me how I don't even understand all the symbolism or how I should just stop watching after season 1 because it's all shit after that) and I think it's phenomenal. Really love it!

Not really up to complaining in this space today.
The holidays are upon us. I get paid on Friday.
My girlfriend got me tickets for an amazing concert/experience and I just don't have it in me... Feels pretty good, blog. Feels pretty good.

Stay classy out there!

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