Thursday, December 17, 2009

All I want for Christmas is a British accent.

Hey blog.
How are you?
We reached a milestone here in the Dusty Floors camp yesterday. Well, okay it's no milestone. Honestly it's a pretty big deal to me. So I've been out of my parents house for well over two years now. Here is where there's a "milestone." I've made copies of the keys to the apartment and I have given them to the girlfriend. She left them at my apartment as we were leaving this morning, so that may be a sign that she's not interested, but regardless she can access the apartment at any time. I was just kidding there. She realized it immediately & we were in a bit of a daze/rush. I'm not holding it against her.
This is a big step though, innit?
I mean, think about it. There will be absolutely no bringing home a random and slipping it to her because, well, the girl could walk in at any time...
Alright, I'll be real for a second. I was absolutely floored by my girlfriend the second I was introduced to her. I can say that I haven't slept with anyone but her since we hooked up.
It's just the thing of, not being able to do it... I mean, I wasn't going to before but if I had I could quick get dressed, throw this random's clothes at her & shuffle her out the back door once I hear my girlfriend buzz to get in. Now, that's not even an option. Well, I can't move someone out of the apartment in the time I hear a key in the door & the door is opened.
It's fine, actually. I'm really pretty psyched. Big step and I'm psyched about it.

Anyway, I think I'm going to start some lists.
You know, your typical year end list.

I think I'll start with a very prestigious award.
Drum roll...........

Man of the Year 2009
Not hunk of the year. No. I'm talking just overall the best male specimen this year. It was really a tight race. There's Brits, there's sexy industry men, there's gorgeous room mates. Wow, it was tight. In the end it's decided though.

Man of the Year 2009 goes to - Ricky Gervais

Holy shit. I mean the hilarity that was the "Ricky Gervais Guide To...." Podcast series was enough for him to win this one, honestly.
His podcast is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most downloaded/listened to/whatever podcast ever.
In early Feb 2010 the award-winning podcasts are going to be turned in to an animated show to air on HBO.
This man made the original Office. That was not in '09 but that counts toward something, right?
His stand up comedy special on HBO "Out of England" was amazing! Absolutely great!
His "Extras" DVD series, I believe (can't be bothered to research this), was released in '09 so I'm counting that.
Ghost Town is out on DVD. Amazing. Honestly, this movie was so very good. It even took me, a HUGE Gervais fan, by surprise as to the emotional notes it hit and hit well.
He's going to be hosting the Golden Globe awards in Jan '10.
He was THE absolute highlight of the Emmy's.
He hung out with Elmo. I dare you to watch that without laughing.
He was just generously awesome & hilarious.
Well done Ricky! Well done.

That's all for today kids. More lists to come...

Oh, woman of the year you ask?
Uhhhh... Her. Yeah, she's hot. Congrats.

See ya!

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