Tuesday, December 22, 2009

7 inches of fun.

Let's get down to it here. I've started this late in the day at work & have been so busy here that I've not been able to really get much done here in this space.
Holidays are upon us and honestly this space is meant for self-loathing rants about my life/work/etc. Tis not the season for self loathing...

That means, of course, I'm writing lists. Not bothered to check them twice.

Alright. Let's start with EPs that I've found to be the best of this year.
If you don't know what and EP is when talking about recorded music you probably have no use for any of the bands I'm listening her. Also, you probably don't get that joke up there and really think I'm a pervert.

Anyway. Let's get this done.

The Lawrence Arms - Buttsweat and Tears EP
Man, this one really knocked my socks off.
This band is amazing. They are the epitome, for me, of Chicago punk rock. Alkaline Trio was definitely in that category but shyed away to a sort of gothic-emo thing.
TLA are a trio that consist of Brendan (bass/vocals), Chris (guitar/vocal) and Neil (drums/sang on a track once). Brendan gives you your punk rock gravelly, fast-paced delivery while Chris has a smoother drawn out delivery.I've seen them described as "Midwestern, beer-fueled, punk rock" and that hits it right on the head. The band has been around for 10 years and are only getting better. This release is no different.
Brendan's lyrics are amazing as usual and his voice is, for my money, the best in punk rock.
Chris pens a definite contender for song of the year in "The Slowest Drink At the Saddest Bar of on the Snowiest Day In the Greatest City." This song speaks to me in a way that it could almost be autobiographical. I mean with lines like "Walk through the snow to a bar where there's no one I know. Drink slow, drink slow with nowhere to go." Amazing.

The Menzingers - Hold On, Dodge EP
Again just great punk r0ck. I supposed this could be considered a bit on the "pop-punk" side of things but I'm not going to split hairs here. Also, we all know I'm no music elitist!
All this release gives you is four guys chugging through 5 tunes offering blood, sweat (not buttsweat) and honesty. They have dual vocalists that compliment each other nicely not like another veteran band I've heard before. See above asshats!
Honestly, one of the bands that is amazing on record yet somehow even better live. I do suggest checking them out live!

Bon Iver - Blood Bank EP
I get it. I know Bon Iver is oh so indie. So cool for all the hipsters to love and hold them self above you for being musically enlightened compared to you and what not. Honestly, this is just a masterpiece of a recording if you thought that Bon Iver's debut was a masterpiece. I'm not going to go on here to avoid being on of the hipster dildos I complain about. Check it out. It's good.

Fuck. Just like that it's 7pm.
Time to get the fuck out of here. Woo-hoo!
Tomorrow is Friday thanks to that one dude's birthday everyone is supposed to be celebrating but really just take the time to be overall greedy slobs that gossip about their family.
Can't wait.

More awards to follow as this month winds down

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