Monday, November 9, 2009

Who Are You?

Wow. I've been neglecting this piece again.
It's really because of my work being busy. That account transfer, as discussed here before, is kicking my ass... I mean, I'm not too overwhelmed but enough to keep my general anxious feeling right where it's just tolerable and below the surface.

So... I think this is going to turn in to a before sleep kinda, reflection on the day thing.
Yeah, that will work.
I've got internet at the house hooked up. Comcast wins. God, the monopoly this company has on Chicago land cable is disgusting to me. The room mate took care of all of this as I refused to deal with those dildos.

Back to work. There is a new team that is getting started up called the "Gateway Team." I'm not going to go in to all the boring details but they need two team leaders. Everyone is saying that I should be one of them. I guess it looks good on a resume but really it's just going to be a title for the time being. If I'm looking to get out of there ASAP what does it matter if I'm a team leader for a month or two, right?
I don't know if I'm subconsciously being lazy or if my train of thought is actually valid. Well, I have until close of business tomorrow to figure out if I want to apply for it or not.

In other news my apartment is a god damned sweatbox right now. Honestly it's like 80 degrees in this fucker. The temp control thing is set at 72 degrees. I tend to believe that's a bit high but compromises are the name of the game when you have a room mate, right? If that's the worst of our arguments/disagreements we're not doing too bad. I have a window open in my room but that is not helping too much. I'm sure that this hot laptop I have on my lap isn't really helping too much either but fuck me if I'm not sweating right now.

So I missed the trip to WI I was going to take with the girlfriend. Something came up. It was not more important but it was something that needed my attention a bit more than a birthday party. I was kinda bummed but no worries. I'm going to meet the extended fam on Dec 19th for Xmas. So there's that. All is good though as the girl got to still get up there. She doesn't drive so I gave her my car for the weekend. She treated her right & brought her back with a near full tank so the girlfriend just proves that she is as fantastic as I thought.

Well... I don't know how I like the change of format here, blog. But I think after a couple bumps in the road we'll get used to it.
I'm going to play video games until I fall asleep...
What am I playing? Final Fantasy IX. Fuck yeah.
Although since I was just speaking about how fantastic the girl is I'll throw this ditty out there... She got me, for my birthday, tickets to go see Distant Worlds: The Music of Final Fantasy. It's a whole orchestra/choir that busts out every one's favorite songs from the Final Fantasy video game series... Word on the street is the set is about 2.5 hours. Love it!
What's pretty awesome as well is this shows that the girlfriend may be as in to me as I am in to her, right? Because if she's willing to not only overlook this nerdiness but actually participate in it with me, well that speaks volumes doesn't it?

I think it does.

Nite. Nite.
I'm going to fall asleep whistling string progressions from FF songs.

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