Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well, well, well.

This change of format is not working for me. I spent the night at the girls last night & didn't get a chance to write in here. Going there again tonight so more of the same. So now I'm squeezing this in during the down time at work during which I'd be reading yahoo.com headlines and generally just blowing off the last hour of work.

Well, I submitted my resume to the powers that be to possibly be a "team leader." I'm kind of conflicted. It will look good having leadership experience on my resume but also some of these people here are such incompetent dildos that I don't know that I want to be held accountable for their work product. I mean like they say you can throw a nerd in a bowl full of tits but you can't be held responsible if he comes up sucking his thumb. They still say that, right? Good. Don't want to sound like an idiot here.
So I submitted my resume & the interview is going to be Friday. I'm not nervous at all to be honest with you as I am (not to be super confident or anything but it is the truth) over qualified for this job. So I would think that makes me over qualified to tell people how to do this job.
One thing that is making me a bit anxious is the thought of one day, without realizing, turning into that boss... You know the one that tells you "Hey the phone's ringing. We're gonna need to pick that up."
Hold the fuck on.
This is a call center & we need to answer the phone when it rings? Holy shit!!! I had no idea... Or, is that you just didn't think I couldn't see the lights blinking on my phone? Is it possible that you assume that I am going to drop EVERYTHING that I'm doing right now to answer that phone call?
I suppose, to play devil's advocate here, that the manager is just fed up. Because there are people that seem to sit there, look at the blinking light and seemingly decide that they just aren't going to do their job and answer that call. So at that point the manager probably thinks "Hey this mouth breather must not realize that there's a fucking phone call out there because fuck face is sitting there putting on eye liner in the mirror while playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. I'm going to go let her know that there's a call & remind her that she needs to answer it because she's obviously forgotten."
I mean, I think I'd be able to keep the dickheadedness to a minimum but I also kind of doubt it.
Maybe I shouldn't even worry about how the position is going to change me until I actually interview for the fucking thing, eh?

In personal, non work stuff I'm getting fat.
I just feel it. I should probably step on a scale and test that out but I'm certain I'm getting fat & don't need that scale to see it.
I really am out of shape & that whole running thing I was so geeked about in this very space hasn't really materialized into anything above/beyond that one night, really.
There's some stress with the girlfriend who has a visit with the doctor that she assures me is not anything to worry about at all but I'd be a dick if I just let it go at that, right? I mean anything that has to do with any type of surgery or procedure is something that is going to raise some concern no matter how routine it is right?
I guess I have different views on the doctor. I mean I'm a dude so I don't have any parts that require regular maintenance so I'm not going to see that fucker unless it's serious. Anyway I'm lead to believe that this isn't serious but I feel like doctors visit/hospitals/shit like that is what boyfriends get paid for so I'm going to do my bit & sit in a waiting room reading Highlights magazine if that is what's needed of me but overall I'm just gonna be there...
I doubt they'll have Highlights in the waiting room of her doc. Don't want to give the impression that I'm dating someone that would be going to a pediatrician or anything... Don't get that impression dark void of cyberspace that absorbs these words. Please don't. It'd be embarrassing for both of us.
What the fuck?
I'm going crazy. I gotta get outta here!
I'm going to sit through traffic but my reward is some BL at the girls place.

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