Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh, the trouble we could get in so let's screw this one up right.

Hey there blog.
Holy shit. Two days in a row. Unbelievable.
Yeah, I'm going to keep it more consistent here. Again, gotta be a miserable, self-loathing, pathetic, whiny wimp here so I'm not one in the real world.

So, the girlfriend stuck around at the bar she works at after she was done serving. She got drunk. So, I was going to pick her up and go to my place but I made the executive decision to get her to her house as she had to work in the morning & was already pretty drunk.
We got to talking & in her drunken state she brought up talk about moving in.
This was funny to me because the room mate was JUST talking about this with me on Sunday. Also, crazy wasted from the football drinking game but this was twice now in as many days.
I thought about it and it honestly makes sense. We both practically live together already. It'd save all 3 of us (me, roomie and girlfriend) money on rent. It'd save me a lot of time with driving from Rolling Meadows to downtown Chicago to pick her up from work and then take her to her apartment (Lakeview) or my place (Jeff Park). While I'm not logging those miles daily or anything there's a good amount of times that this is my daily route.

So we start talking about this & we're figuring out how we're going to get all her stuff to my place & then we start hitting the details. She loves her recliner. It's a nice recliner. Although, there's no room for her recliner at my place. No room in the living room & I have a hunch that, while the recliner is lovely, the room mate might not share the love I and the girl have for said recliner.
That's not fair is it? Hey, you can move in but you can not bring any of your stuff... It would totally be like it's me and my roomie's place but we're still charging the girlfriend a third of the rent but not allowing her to have input as to what goes where/etc.
I was telling her about the texts I was sending to the roomie and she felt like I was being nice & she feels like she was being a bitch about it. We both were certainly getting irritated in having discussions of what's going where and all that but I don't think either of us were being unreasonable. End of the day I feel like it'd be a MUCH different situation if I lived alone & she was just moving her stuff in.
Honestly, it was quite a bit of emotions to go through in that one night...

There was the excitement of her moving in when we decided that it was gonna happen.
There was the irritation that came with the discussion of personal effects being moved here/there and my room being taken over.
Then there was the disappointment that comes with realizing that we are indeed not going to be able to work this out.

All that in honestly, about 2 hours. There was never really any anger. We didn't yell/throw things/slap each other around. It was fine. At the end of the day though it's a little disappointing. I guess it really doesn't matter because we're fine at the end of it but we took a huge step there & then just realized that we had to jump back and it really wasn't because of us necessarily. It's not something that we can control at this point. I have a room mate. She has a studio apartment. Not conducive of absorbing each other and all their belongings, is it?
Ugh. Oh well.

In other news she's working today and has promised to not get as hammered as last night. I'm going to be picking her up and going home to cook dinner... Shepard's Pie.


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