Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I don't think that means what you think that means...

Well happy holidays.
It's a wonderful time here at work. What with the 4 day weekends and what not. The only thing is people with auto insurance claims tend to be pissed if they can't get to the stores to camp out and then wrestle with the other savages for all the deals.
Holiday shopping. Man that's a real dick punch, no? I mean I have two nephews, a niece, sister, brother, parents, girlfriend. Fuck. Lots of shopping to do. Thankfully the parents are pretty easy. Standard issue gift cards for all, I think, this year. The girlfriend is getting something that had some thought put in to it and maybe a little more dough but she's worth it. The fam usually sticks to a $50 price range so that's cool.
Gift giving is a weird thing to me. I don't know that I'm good at it.
Feels weird giving/receiving a gift. Don't know what it is. Weird.

Speaking of gift giving I got an early birthday present from the girlfriends family. How sweet, right? Totally didn't expect that! The fam, they're amazing. They seem to like me as well and honestly that makes things pretty awesome. The trip to WI was good. The whole doctor thing with the girl went well.

Well blog, I gotta tell ya. There's a lot to complain about in this space, which is good because that's what keeps this thing ticking. However, I don't feel like complaining. I mean, I have a 4 day weekend coming up. I'm taking a detour from complaining.

I'm going to reflect on what is good in the Dusty Floors camp.
List? Oh yeah, I think it's time for a list...

The Girlfriend - Honestly, not surprising is it? I mean if I'm not complaining on here I'm talking about looking forward to doing something with her or just talking about her general awesomeness. To be truthful, I haven't even scraped the surface of her awesomenisity (making up words is something I'm thankful for, too) as I feel like that could get really cheesy real quick. She's just all around amazing and she's hot. Not in the way that your friend with the average looking girlfriend qualifies her best qualities as being "hot." No siree. She's real life hot. Generally one of the most caring people I've ever known, too. It comes so natural to her to think about others. Phenomenal.

The Job - Probably should put "a job" I guess. Seriously though with the way things are out there today I've got one of these and while I loathe nearly everything about it, I have one. Hopefully it's a stepping stone to a better job but we'll just see how that unfolds.

Family - Man, my family rocks. Maybe it's because it's been a while since we've all gotten together or maybe because I spent the weekend with the girls fam and that made me think of my fam a bit. I don't know but regardless I love 'em. Oh yeah. Even the crazy uncle that will forever call me by my brother's name at least twice throughout the evening. Yep, you creep me out sometimes Uncle Ronald but you're the fucking man!
I will have beers with my Uncle Rich who's the stereotypical leather clad biker dude.
I'll feel a bit awkward when everyone can't believe just what came out of Aunt Lucy's mouth in front of the kids and I'll love it.
My Uncle Jimmy & my dad will argue about something because neither are ever wrong & I'll just sit back, take a sip of beer and soak in the wonderful argument.
My sis will most definitely try to keep everyone happy. Man, that girl can't stand if anyone is anything but absolutely ecstatic to be there. To a fault really. You know what though? I love her for it. She keeps it posi at all times possible.
The girl is coming with me so I'm sure we will have a quick Q&A session and then general questions throughout the night. Piercings and tattoos may be questioned/discussed/judged. I'll love every second of it, though.

Friends - Oh yeah. I got friends. Let me tell you. They are some of the greatest people around. Sure they act like assholes, constantly pick on me, are slobby/drunk/ignorant but they are serious friends. Honestly I had friends tell me I was getting fat. Which I was. That's a true friend. It's not pretty, you won't want to hear it but you gotta know. Porky, put down the bag of Doritos and PlayStation controller & go for a jog. That's true friendship right there.

Music - Playing it. Attempting to write it. Listening to and interpreting it. There's is nothing I love more.

Well, that was lovely. Pretty appropriate for this season of giving thanks too, no?
Ah. That felt good. We did good today, blog.

Much love xoxo

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