Monday, November 16, 2009

Drinking, popping, shooting, toking...

Ugh. Hungover again... Why do I do it to myself? No clue.

The roommate and myself made a football drinking game up yesterday.
Insanely fun and it gets you hammered!!! I woke up this morning and felt absolutely terrible. The roommate stayed home from work today, I think and I was raging with jealousy. The day has gone by pretty slow.
I've got a laundry list of complaints today blog...
This space is so damn miserable all the time. Just complaint, complaint, complaint. I think it's doing this here that keeps me from being a miserable fuck out there in the real world so........... It's working out.

Complaints are many.
Work sucks. They've moved my desk. See, I always complained that I sat next to the "coven" which is a bunch of girls that chatted & gossiped all day long. You know what though? They weren't bad. They weren't too malicious & I'd even consider one of them a friend & we've hung out outside of work on occasion... Well, I've been moved. Almost everyone has. There's been a huge shuffle to prepare for this Gateway Team.
Also, I will not be a team leader for the GT. See, I was previously talked to about my tardiness to work. This happened after they switched me to start an hour earlier... So I was late a bunch when they moved me to an earlier start time but that stopped after my move back to my current and preferred shift. So, the team leaders have to have a spotless record. No verbal warnings/written warnings/history of punching management/etc. Well, I'm out of the running because of the lateness that they brought upon themselves.
I probably should realize that it's your job to show up at your scheduled time. However, in an instance such as this I feel like maybe, just maybe you guys could cut me some slack. Nope. Not wavering on this one.

So now, I've moved by people I can't stand. I'm still in the top 3 employees production/case load wise and I've been blacklisted from any foreseeable opportunities of promotion.
How long do you possibly think I'm staying here? I am overqualified for the job. That's not me being a dildo thinking I'm the shit. It's the truth.
I've really been lately feeling like I need a change of scenery. I don't know that I want to stay in this fucking insurance industry. But what the hell else am I going to do? I have no idea how to do anything else. I'm an old dog. I have no college education. Fuck me. I think I'm screwed.
Also, I feel like that grass is always greener, innit?
My girlfriend is looking for a steady job that has something to do with what she went to college for but in some ways I kind of envy her service industry job. I mean, she's got LOTS to deal with in way of assholes/douchebags/idiots/mongoloids and that's just management, don't get me started on the customers... Ohhhhhhhhhhh SNAP. ZING! That was a good one, see what I did there? Anyway, there are nights that everything goes well. She's in a good mood, made good money, had nice tables, had free food & drank a couple discounted beers after work... Sounds awesome, right? I just don't know. The grass is always greener on the other side, kids....

Uh. Speaking of girlfriend I got pretty plowed last night from the inaugural J&J Football Drinking Game and sent some stupid drunk texts... I was literally blacked out & wouldn't have remembered these had I not revisited the inbox/sent items folder this morning. It had something to do with the whole thought process of wanting to be with someone that cares about you more than you do them. I called her lucky because I am the "carer" in our relationship. That's ridiculous. I don't necessarily believe that. I mean, I am absolutely crazy about her but I realize that she is also crazy about me. Do we need to mention that Music of Final Fantasy concert, again? Ugh. Emo drunk. What the fuck?

Well, I'll end this on a high note. I have next Monday off! That's the week of Thanksgiving so I only have to work Tuesday and Wednesday that week. Nice.... WAIT! Scratch that! That's a complaint because I have the day off so I can accompany her to the doctor. Fuck! That's a complaint too....

Okay, enough self loathing for today.
Take care!

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