Thursday, October 22, 2009

Woo Hoo!

Thursday. So close.
Tomorrow is Friday. FINALLY.
I can't wait.
Today has really been dragging as this whole week has really. I'm looking forward to The Lawrence Arms show at Metro on Saturday so naturally everyday just kinda snakes by ever so slowly.
Today has been dragging as well... But now here I am an hour til it's quitting time. I'm going to rush over to the girlfriend's pad and swoop her up. We'll hit Jewel or something to get some pumpkins & the carving will ensue. Possibly watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas" on Blu-Ray... Who knows. All I know is that I'm psyched to carve some pumpkins. I realize it's going to be a pretty cute, coupley thing to do but honestly, I have to admit it, I'm really just in it for the pumpkin seeds.
I just remember carving them fuckers up with the 'rents when I was like 9 or some shit. I mean the knife always blows and I can't make the face look anything like what I'm picturing in my mind but that means absolutely nothing to me and why? Because I'm getting some delicious ass pumpkin seeds!! I've never baked them up before so I doubt they'll compare to the ones mom baked up that I remember oh so fondly. That's a whole separate thing though, innit? I mean after time those pumpkin seeds (or the memory of I should say as I'm not still snacking on pumpkin seeds from 1992) get more and more delicious. I've kinda really romanticized these pumpkin seeds. Oh well, a year from now I'll be baking up pumpkin seeds again and complaining about how they don't taste as good as the ones from last year no matter how crappy this batch comes out tonight. Again, oh well. Good times will be had and that's all that matters, right?

I found out an interesting fact, work-wise, yesterday. I have more claims assigned to me than anyone else in the company... Also, I consistently am in the top 3 as far as phone calls answered goes. Funny thing is (not so much, actually) I've recently had my pay cut. Which I've documented here and don't want to re-hash in the slightest.
That's ridiculous.
This information disturbed me and really has lit a fire under my ass to get my resume out there & me the fuck outta here.
Time will tell how that goes.

Back to Halloween. I don't have a costume. Scratch that. I don't have a NEW costume. For the past 3 years I've been a lazy fucker that uses the same costume every year. It's a cow. It has utters. It has a bonnet that is the cow's head. I planned on being Waldo from Where's Waldo fame this year but I apparently can't be bothered to go costume shopping and/or get on the internet to order a costume. So maybe this will be my thing. I'll be THAT guy. The dude that wears the same costume every year. Halloween 2016 I'll be at some lame old people Halloween party and will be wearing a tattered cow costume. I think that's a good look.

God, I'm so bored. I'm just going to read "Catch-22" at my desk while I sit and wait for a phone to ring.

Happy Haunting

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