Monday, October 19, 2009

Wholey Moley!

Nothing like a hangover riddled Monday after a Bears loss. Ugh!
I feel like I've been neglecting this little space that lets me unload my thoughts/complaints and generally keeps me sane. Oh and do I ever have complaints to launch out there into the dark oblivion that is in the internet's unread blogs.
Where to start.... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Work. Yeah, that's a good starting place.
I've been transferred to a new team at work which has been touched upon here. Well, corporate was in the office last week. Corporate was in to speak with people about their pay. Yeah, it seems the company is "overpaying" certain people for the job they do. What your job entails, title wise, is being compared to the "market average" of what is being paid salary wise in the area.
Needless to say I was considered in a high end "band" of what's being paid for my job title. So I've been rounded DOWN to the nearest $1.00.
Awesome. Needless to say that in the coming days I will be getting my resume polished up, updated and shipped out to anyone that will read it.
Other than work things have been good.
Moving into a new apartment which is a beautiful place but it's got it's little quirks. Like the couple downstairs that hate each other & decide to argue at a great volume every other night at 3:00am. Ridiculous. Also we have someone with a dog 2 floors above us. It seems they can't be bothered to walk the dog so they let it out on the deck to piss all over & this then leaks through the deck to everyone below. We went up to knock on their door & ask that they refrain from letting their dog piss on every one's deck. They didn't answer.

What's looking up is that I have a concert to attend on Saturday. This is big. The Lawrence Arms 10th anniversary show at Metro. It's going to be glorious no doubt & the girlfriend has recently discovered them so it'll be fun.
On the docket for this week is pumpkin carving & that's always a good time. Bonus is the fact that I then get to eat some delicious pumpkin seeds. Love those little buggers.

Ugh. I gotta go work on my resume.

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