Friday, October 30, 2009

We should move this along.

Well, I've neglected this space recently.
Due to the fact that my work computer got a little "sick." By sick I mean that I got a virus on that fucker. One bad enough that I now have a new computer. You'd think that would mean I'd learn my lesson about surfing the 'net, right? Well, apparently not.

The end of the cat sitting went well. Unfortunately however, Jesus is no longer going to be in our lives... Heh. Sounds funny don't it? Really though for reasons that I'm not going to get in to in this space because this is MY blog not my girlfriend's. She can blog about why her cat is being relocated if she wants but I'll leave it be. This is sad. Especially after my 3 day baby sitting job & the bonding that was had. She's bummed. Naturally.

Halloween is upon us. I have a party tomorrow night in which I will be the cow like I have type into this space previously. It's Friday and I have about an hour and a half to go. I got paid today but my apartment made sure that the check won't go very far at all... What with the electricity, gas and rent. I've got a LITTLE BIT to spare. I am going to WI with the girlfriend for her cousin's birthday. That's going to cost some money in gas. I need a haircut, that ain't free. Other than that I'm sitting around waiting for my next paycheck. Ugh. I think I at least have some overtime on that one.

I am really just sitting here day dreaming and suddenly it came to me... "And I said 'I can't wait to get you home tonight'"
That came to me as an opening line for a song. Verse 1 line 1 complete...
Now I haven't really written music in a LONG time. Really long. I'm kinda psyched about this little tidbit here because it just popped in my head. I wasn't sitting there with my pen & notebook scribbling down absolute drivel wishing I could pen something creative.
It's like my next tattoo I'm going to get. It's going to be DON'T TRY across both my wrists. This is a quote by Charles Bukowski that is an answer to an interviewer asking him what advice he could give to aspiring artists/authors/etc. That's pretty true, no? I mean in life really, anytime you're trying/pressing/hoping it never really produces results, does it?
I feel like once you're focusing on something whether it be finding miss right/writing that song/moving that pen with your mind it just doesn't happen. The straining and hoping and wanting that comes along with usually diminishes the natural things that bring out creativity, etc. Maybe that last sentence was total fucking nonsense but again, I'm not trying to be the most philosophical thinker to hit today... So the brilliantness in this space today proves my point. No?

Regardless I've got 1 line for a song. You know what I'm going to do with that? Nothing. Not a damn thing for now. I'll sit around play my video games/strum my guitar/drink a beer with my girlfriend and when I'm feeling moved/inspired/creative I will have that as a starting point. Could I be wasting what I think to be something worth writing down. It's possible.
But I'm going to listen to Chuck for now & not try. We'll see if anything hits me. If I don't have a song written in a year I'm gonna call "bullshit" on that old, cynical bastard.

Have a great day.

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