Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Take off that silly ass hat...

Customer service week at work this week. I get to dress casual all week so it's jeans and band shirts for me this week. Beats the alternative.

Here's the lineup for CS Week:

Monday was slippers day. Wear your slippers into work... This is just a good way to make everyone feel horrible about the self. I mean nothing says "I suck at and/or have given up on life" quite like wearing slippers out of the house.

Yesterday was crazy hat day. Awesome.

Today is mismatch outfit day. They don't get too specific. Is it supposed to be mismatched colors? Mismatched like wearing a suit jacket with sweatpants? No idea. There was also an e-mail bingo contest today. I did not win.

Tomorrow is team color day. Each team is assigned a certain color shirt to wear. My team is wearing black. HWM shirt it is. Oh, and they're playing cash cube... It's like cash cab but someone throws trivia at you while you're sitting in your cubicle. I don't know if they call (ridiculous) or just hover around (annoying) and wait for you to be ready to attempt to answer trivial questions. Since I actually work (beside the time I spend typing this out) I doubt I'll get a real shot at winning something.

Friday is the grand finale... BAND SHIRT DAY. Alkaline Trio? Lawrence Arms? Brokencyde? Who's going to be wearing what!? Ooooohhhhhhh the excitement. I didn't plan it out well as I wore my "Your favorite music sucks" t-shirt today. That would have been a good one to wear, no? I think I'll go with my Broadways t-shirt. Oh, and this is popcorn day. Free popcorn. Awesome.

I can't wait for the weekend. I'm not sure why as I'm broke and have nothing planned I just feel like it'll be nice to rest a bit. Plus I think my girlfriend has off Sun night. That's cool... I may scoop some change out of the couch cushions and take her out a movie or something. Ricky Gervais' "The Invention of Lying" looks amazing and is in a theater near me so we may be watching that.......
We shall see.
Speaking of the girlfriend she met the parents last night. Judgement was handed down I'm sure. We had a bit of grub. My mom ordered some 'za. She was absolutely fucking puzzled as to what to order because my girlfriend is a vegetarian. I'm sure her and pops were discussing the septum ring, tattoo on her neck, hair style and who knows what else. She's sweet though and very cute, I'm sure they loved her.
They should get that I'm happy and that should be enough, right. Probably wrong. That's the funny thing of parents. They want to see ya happy but only they know the RIGHT WAY to be happy. Oh well.
I'm going to dump for some dollars and laugh at ridiculously mismatch dressed co-workers.

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