Thursday, October 1, 2009

Procrastination Nation

Oh Friday...
Wait, today is Thursday isn't it?
Well, it's Friday for me...
Don't think my work knows yet... Oops.. But I'm moving tomorrow... 2nd time in 2 months and it's getting ridiculous. We have, however, signed a lease this time and will be setting up shop at this new place. It's nice... Really nice. I can't wait to get in to this place and get shit going.
My girlfriend went to school for interior design so I'm pretty sure I'll have a hand in getting some shit set up and not looking like the total clueless dude that I am.
"Why is your dresser in your closet?"
"I don't know..."
Yeah, I don't think there will be much of that.
So tomorrow it's going to be lots of lifting, carrying things down stairs, lifting and carrying things up stairs... We're borrowing a van from our buddy who runs a flower shop and has an extra that won't be used for deliveries tomorrow (I feel the need to mention that if EVER in need of flowers I ALWAYS get them from The Sheffield's Ashland/Addison Flower Shop they're simply the best). We have to get the set of keys from the landlord and, I'm assuming, he's going to want his rent payment. That's a bummer! Still psyched though. Getting into a beautiful place that is in a neighborhood I adore. I'm pretty psyched.

In other news the Olympics may be coming to Chicago, eh? Don't know how I feel about this. I could just imagine the construction that is going to start in 2011 to be completed in time for 2016. I can just imagine the tax hike that's gonna happen. I can just imagine how packed the streets/bars/restaurants will be.
I, however, can also imagine how amazing it would be to quite literally be a part of history that brings people from all over the world together. It's going to happen in my backyard and I will surely be bragging about being there to anyone who listens when I'm all old & wrinkly...
I really haven't researched what the pro's and con's of the whole Olympic bid thing is because well, I can't be bothered to actually research something above/beyond music/sports/porn on the internet... Maybe I should do that today on my Friday when I'm bored at work.
That's it!!!! I'll make my next entry in this thing a spirited and intelligent debate with myself about why the Olympic should/should not be hosted by Chicago.

Of course this may be posted in 2014 since I'm going to be moving this weekend and generally can't be bothered to research this, as I said before...
Oh, and to make sure that my attempt at properly researching this subject is completely futile I'm waiting til AFTER it's announced (I believe it will be tomorrow at about 11:00am CST if I'm not mistaken [which it's quite possible I am]) whether or not Chicago is going to host them. Heh.
I'm off to research, do SOME work and just generally day dream while staring at a computer monitor.

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